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Applicant Tracking System: Benefits of using an ATS in Recruitment

applicant tracking system

The process of recruitment and selection is one of the most important tasks of the HR department within a company. Not only is talent acquisition key to ensuring your company fills its vacant positions, but it’s crucial in determining whether you end up hiring the right people for your team. If you’re involved in hiring and are struggling to find the right talent, or organise the talent pool, it’s time to look into adopting an ATS (applicant tracking system) into your recruitment process. 

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Hiring the right employees that will support the future growth of your company, is not an easy task. Whoever you wish to incorporate into your team must fit your ideal profile. Therefore, it’s essential they have the characteristics to perform the functions of their role, and also the capacity to solve the problems, for which they have been hired to solve. The cost of hiring is high, therefore,  a company should make sure they hire the right person initially, so later on, the role doesn’t need to be filled again. High turnover within a company can cause a decrease in productivity, a loss of customers, and decrease employee morale. For this reason, a strong focus on hiring should be at the forefront of the HR department. Hiring is one of the major roles of an HR manager.

What can the human resources department do to ensure they hire the right candidate? First things first, if you still haven’t conducted your HR Audit, this is the first place to start. Having the proper process in place for selecting candidates is crucial. 

What Is an ATS and the Process of Recruitment Selection??

The process of selection and recruitment involves a series of steps. For the company to successfully contract an employee, each stage must be followed. The motives for why a position needs to be filled can be for any number of reasons. Some of these may include: filling the vacancy of an employee who is on temporary medical leave, maternity, or to fill a newly created role within the company. 

Before beginning the process of selection, there is a principal phase the company must thoroughly pass through. This involves analysing everything related to the vacancy; including, but not limited to:

  • How many positions are there?
  • Which characteristics do you require?
  • What is the company looking for from the person in this role?
  • What are the functions of the role?
  • Which profile are you looking to hire?

Above all, one of the most important things a company must do before recruiting is to set a budget. A clear budget allows you to manage your applicant hiring in a way that ensures the company experiences no losses.

You now know what is required before hiring employees, and we’re sure, you are aware now of the depth of the work required to successfully find the right candidates for the job. 

If you’re an HR admin, we know that finding time for recruitment is difficult. For this reason, ATS technology was born. If you’re a company that plans to hire employees and/or post a variety of roles, it’s worth looking into an ATS. Thanks to an applicant tracking software, companies are able to manage the hiring process better and optimise and automate the process as much as possible.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Simply put, ATS software is a tool used to help companies, big and small facilitate the job of the hiring manager when it comes to recruitment and selection.

An applicant tracking system is essentially a platform that is responsible for collecting candidate information, allowing the recruiter to easily organise and hone in on the applicant pool. As a result, this leads to a more efficient recruitment process.

The problem with many ATS systems is, although they provide the recruiter with the ability to easily filter through applicants, these systems often do not provide an end to end solution. What do we mean by that? 

Well, ATS systems like Factorial HR provide an end to end recruitment software that starts from the principal stages of the hiring process, all the way to incorporating the employee into your system.

Companies that use ATS software to optimise their hiring process, are more likely to succeed in capturing top talent. This is a fact!  

Benefits of ATS Recruitment

You may be asking, why do companies use ATS? Well, Not all companies require an ATS system, but, if you are finding yourself spending hours upon hours weeding through CVs, trying to filter out the candidate pool, then it’s worth considering investing in recruitment management software. On top of saving time in contracting employees, other benefits of an ATS system include:

Better candidate options – More qualified selection

When using specialised software to help with recruiting, you increase your chances of finding the right person for the job. The selection of the best candidates normally depends on the algorithm and the keywords an applicant includes in their CV. Although this feature may seem desirable, many HR managers are not in favour. They comment that their experience with this type of software add-on does more harm than good. They say that plenty of good candidates get disqualified because a machine can’t do a human’s job. Factorial HR has taken this into account when creating their ATS. As the recruiter, we let you still have the final say, rather than having a machine decide your candidate’s fate.

conflict resolution in the workplace

Reduces Hiring Costs – Saves time & money

Reducing the time required for the hiring process, inevitably cuts costs, as you do not need to have more people working more hours to handle recruitment. Moreover, with this methodology, the company has more opportunities for hiring the right person as they are focused on this objective, rather than being pulled in other directions.

Compliance with GDPR – With ATS candidate data is protected

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation to which companies have recently been required to adapt to across Europe. The introduction of this regulation requires companies to review many of their processes to ensure compliance. With the use of ATS software, candidate data is protected and complies with the regulations laid out. ATS platforms like Factorial HR have integrated the permissions required by law into the system to comply with GDPR regulations.

Career page customisation – Attract top talent

Finding the right team greatly depends on the job board you advertise on, the job description itself, and the overall image you present the job seekers. What you put out is what you attract. Essentially, if you fail to communicate clearly through your job posting, letting candidates know what type of person you are wanting to recruit, your applicant pool will reflect this same unclarity and confusion. Talent acquisition software is the key to finding the best team. Not many of the applicant tracking software available allows you to customise your hiring page easily and effortlessly. Factorial HR understands your desire to present your best foot forward to potential candidates, which is why we have implemented the customised career page.

Improved coordination – Increase team productivity

Using software such as Factorial’s HR system, not only provides you with an optimised applicant tracking system but, also lets you integrate other functionalities such as document management, absence management, and digital signature among others. By centralising your HR tasks, you can more easily coordinate with other departments so that, for example, there are no overlaps of tasks or organisational errors.

Select the best ATS Software for your employee recruitment 

Selecting the best talent management software for your company begins with firstly clearly defining your needs. Once you have done this, you can prepare your budget, and finally, allocate the budget towards software that will benefit you the most.

Let ATS software work for you. Before testing your needs against its functionalities, lay out a set of selection criteria and get clear on what problem you are hoping the software will solve. Some recruitment CRM software offers companies a free trial period to test out their features. 

Are you crystal clear on finding the right candidate? Don’t wait any longer! Trial out Factorial HR and its candidate tracking system. Still not sure? Find out how to select the best free recruitment software.

What’s the Verdict on ATS Tools?

Simply put, a Recruitment platform or Human Resources management software (ATS) can improve productivity in your life and work. Factorial’s intuitive and easy to use applicant tracking system, allows you to collect and track applicants through the hiring process. Also, you can easily create your own customised hiring page, showcasing your company, team, available positions and more. Best of all, the Factorial ATS system lets you effortlessly integrate new employees into Factorial’s HR recruitment software once hired. 

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