Insights into the importance of HR software- with Lex Verweij

Hr software

We had the opportunity to speak with the HR expert Lex Verweij, who has dedicated his career to the profession of HR. With multiple experiences in the fields of HR Technology, Recruitment, Talent, Development, Reward, Performance, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Lex currently works as the chair of the pro bono committee for the Guild of … Read more

Employee Engagement- Interview With Amazon Filters Ltd

employee engagement

Employee engagement has changed dramatically in recent years. Flexible working and remote working were previously seen as additional ‘perks’, however the Pandemic has brought many new challenges and these ‘perks’ have become the new normal. It’s no secret that people will continue working from home once the Pandemic subsides. Managing this effectively is key to … Read more

How HRMS Will Revolutionise Your Business- Interview With Ramin


Human Resources Management has become increasingly more important in the modern business world. A Successful Human Resources Management System (HRMS) helps link the division between employee’s performance and the company’s strategic objectives. In order to enhance productivity in the workforce, retain the best talent and create a healthy work environment, it’s absolutely essential that your … Read more

Executing Effective HRM- Interview With Helping Hand Into HR

Sophie Metcalf HRM

Many startups and other small businesses often stumble upon ample difficulties when it comes to managing their employees and HR tasks, these HRM problems only worsen as the company starts to expand,  making processes usually carried out by HR managers, time consuming and difficult. Therefore, Factorial created a well designed, friendly to use cloud based … Read more

Company Culture & Diversity- Interview with Being People

Interview with Jessica Company Culture

I’d like to introduce you to Jessica Hayes, a hands-on professional who is passionate about People, Company Culture, and Talent and loves working in diverse, kind and exciting businesses. You may have seen her on a panel, or presenting at European and international events on how to positively influence culture, strategise your HR function, improve … Read more

Interview with Paula Mozo – Digital HR

Interview with Paula Mozo

We had the opportunity to speak with Paula Mozo, Digital HR Generalist from the communications group that makes up Weblogs SL and Social Media SL. These groups offer up information about how human resources are evolving, alongside the present-day shifts that more companies are experiencing in the direction of digital and technological transformation. For those … Read more