How should employers approach Bereavement Leave?


Losing a loved one is a very sensitive matter. Any employer should approach this issue with care and consideration. Many people find this topic difficult to talk about or express their feelings openly. Therefore, employers and HR managers need to be aware of the best practices for approaching bereavement leave. It will help manage the … Read more

5 tips to boost Employee Motivation for your office return

employee motivation

You have probably already heard about post-holiday blues and the impact it has on employee motivation in the workplace. Returning after the holidays requires a great deal of adapting to schedules, routines, and work. In psychology, post-holiday syndrome is defined as a mix of anxiety and emotional pressure that occurs upon returning to work after … Read more

How to monitor Work Breaks: A specialised Time & Attendance Software 

time tracker

Everyone deserves a break during the long working day and it’s important that employers encourage breaks at work. There is a general belief that employees who take regular breaks are more productive.  An effective, quick break will allow your employees to be geared up to work again, significantly boosting their performance level. This rejuvenation enables … Read more

Imagine if  there was a software solution to manage Employee Holidays?


Managing employee holidays can be an absolute nightmare, even in small and medium sized companies. There’s a lot of work behind holiday leave and different types of sick leave. In most companies, someone in the team has to accept or deny holiday requests and their decision can lead to breaks in the normal workflow of … Read more

How to Keep Track of Employees’ Time and Attendance [Free Template]

Monitoring employee’s working hours is one of the most basic functions of the human resources department. In this post, we’ll share with you the details of how to keep track of employee hours easily, by using a comprehensive system that makes employee time and attendance tracking simple for you and your company.  If you’ve been … Read more

Background Check for Employment – What Employers Need to Know

background check for employment

A background check for employment is a legal investigation to verify the identity, credentials and criminal background of an individual. It is a vital part of the recruitment process as it helps companies ensure they are hiring honest and trustworthy new recruits that can perform the duties of a position. Pre-employment checks can create challenges … Read more