Recruitment Process: Internal Vs External Recruitment

recruitment process

With today’s rapid expansion and market growth, many new positions and opportunities are created within an organisation. Eventually, if companies want to successfully thrive and compete in this ever-expanding environment, they will have to carefully plan their recruitment and selection process. Sooner or later, managers will need to consider their recruitment strategies to fill up … Read more

Shift management: Remote working vs. reopening the office

shift management

The state of alarm due to COVID-19 started with the closing and confinement of office spaces, through which remote working became heavily imposed. Now companies have initiated workers to return to their offices, and it is the Human Resources department’s job to successfully manage employees’ shifts through shift management measures.  This return to work is … Read more

Recruitment & Selection: Hiring Process [free checklist]

recruitment selection checklist

The complex recruitment and selection process along with the costs associated are often overlooked by human resources and yet, the process is so incredibly important to the long term success of the company and their ability to reach their objectives. Companies that are more thorough in their process to recruit staff tend to have a … Read more

The Keys to a Phased Return to Work During COVID-19

phased return to work

As the UK has started to reopen the economy after weeks of lockdown, businesses must develop plans for how employees can safely return to work. There are many factors to take into consideration and any mistake could have disastrous consequences. How can a business responsibly reopen? With information directly from the UK Government,  this guide … Read more

Can Workforce Management Software Optimise Your Time?

workforce management software

Today we use technology for practically everything: buying clothes, ordering food at home, communicating remotely, etc. Without a doubt, digitisation has come into our lives to stay and it has also revolutionised the workplace. Do you know what workforce management software is? Technology helps us complete many tasks including activities related to Human Resources, such … Read more