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Free Human Resources Templates

Do you need a solution to manage your employees’ absences and holidays? Or are you looking for a tool to help you meet your HR key objectives? Either way, we’ve got you covered! This section of the blog is dedicated to all the freebies and Human Resources templates we offer. We are committed to assisting human resources professionals in simplifying their HR processes.

Download Free Human Resources Templates

✅ Holiday & Time-off Excel Templates
✅ Hiring & Onboarding Checklists
✅ Organisational Chart HR Templates

Simply click on the corresponding template you wish to receive!👇

HR Audit Checklist

Employment Contract Template

Onboarding Checklist

Human Resources Templates

Offboarding Checklist

Organizational Chart Template

Human Resources Templates

Time & Attendance Template

Human Resources Templates

Holiday Leaves Template

KPI Template

Human Resources Templates

OKR Template


Hiring Process Checklist

Performance Appraisal Checklist

Did you know that with Factorial’s HR software, your employees can easily track their own time, request holidays, and view their payslips? Try Factorial HR free for 14 days to access these and more of Factorial’s functionalities.👇

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If you don’t want to lose hours entering data in Excel, we got the perfect solution for you! Create an account in Factorial and manage employee absences, holidays and sick leaves in just a few clicks. Invite employees and generate an organisational chart within seconds. The best part? Factorial automatically updates whenever an employee leaves or enters the company. With the Document Manager, you can store all the important documents in one place. From contracts to sick leaves, IDs, payslips and more.

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