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How to Choose the Best Free Recruitment Software

Effective talent acquisition will make or break your company. Great software can smooth the recruitment process, paving the way for businesses to quickly source and hire top candidates. On the other hand, the clunky interfaces of bad software will only bog down the recruiting team and deter would-be applicants. How can you find the best free recruitment software?

The search is further complicated by software programs that claim to be “free” but actually have crippling hidden costs. For example, they may charge a fee for every candidate hired or charge by the service. These payments seem small initially but rack up fast, catching unsuspecting businesses off-guard.

Let’s talk about how businesses can avoid the two traps of bad software and hidden costs when searching for free online recruitment software.

Recruitment Software to Simplify Your Hiring

Are You Ready For Free Recruitment Software?

How do you know when it’s time to streamline your recruiting process with software? If you are using spreadsheets to manage candidates at a growing business, there is a good chance you need to make a change. HR software recruitment will simplify the hiring process.

Wasting valuable time on inefficient admin work leaves recruiters with less time to focus on finding the right candidate for the job. This leads to unfilled positions that cost companies thousands of pounds every day in lost revenue and reduced productivity.

If you are regularly faced with hard-to-fill roles, talent acquisition software can save you time and give you peace of mind.

What Free Online Recruitment Software Can Do For You

There are immediate benefits to implementing software to support the hiring process. Spoiler: stronger candidates and happier recruiters are part of the package.

Increase Organisation

Hiring managers are busy. So an applicant tracking system (ATS) can prevent things from slipping between the cracks. Don’t misplace candidate resumes in the abyss of your inbox or lose time looking for old files. Simplify with software that keeps your talent pools, job postings, and candidates in one place.

Improve Candidate Experience

Bad candidate experiences don’t just lose you talent, they can also lose your company business. In one survey, 42% of respondents said that they would never again seek employment at a company where they had a bad candidate experience. 9% said they would even tell others not to purchase services from the company! Don’t burn bridges. Instead, use recruitment software to keep potential candidates happy and in the loop.

Optimise Employer Branding

Responding to a job posting may be the first interaction a candidate has with your company. Free online recruitment software can help you put your best foot forward when it comes to posting jobs on aggregator sites or on your business’s website. In short: Better postings will draw better candidates.

Work Together

With the right talent acquisition software, you can get your whole team involved during recruitment. This collaboration will help you to find the best cultural fit for the position.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Free Recruitment Tracking Software

Recruitment software can do your hiring process a world of good. But the wrong free recruiting software can become more of a hindrance than a help. You may get stuck with ineffective tools or exorbitant fees. Here’s how to sift the bad programs from the good.

1. Decide What Features You Need in Free Applicant Tracking Software

The first step is determining exactly what your company needs. Collaborate with your team to decide on essential and non-essential features that you are looking for in an ATS. Consider your organisation’s priorities. How can recruitment software help you reach your goals? Here are some features that interest most organisations.

Creating and Tracking Job Postings

With an ATS, you can create a job listing to post on sites like Indeed or Glassdoor. You can manage responses and tailor the ad to get more interest. Then, keep the text on file to rework later.

Managing Candidates and Collaborating

Recruitment database software will help you store information on every phase of your employee’s life cycle. You can loop in team members to help make important decisions. Additionally, strong candidates will stay on file so that you can easily find them for future positions.

Recruiting Analytics

Make sure the platform can help crunch the numbers. Tracking and measuring applicant and hiring data will help your company to allocate its resources and hire smarter.

Integration with Rest of Software

What’s the use of having great recruitment software if it can’t integrate with the rest of your administrative processes? Data from recruitment may end up being important down the line. In short, a program that works with the rest of your tech will prevent future headaches.


If things go wrong (and somehow, things always do seem to go wrong), you need to know that you can reach help. It may be tricky to find free software with support, but how can you trust a system with no one accountable?

Mobile App

Keep up with the times! More and more hires are taking place on cell phones. Find software with a recruitment app in order to post jobs and manager candidates from your phone.

2. Take a Test Drive with Recruitment Software Free Trials

By now, you have found a few programs that your team could benefit from. If some of them are paid, you can take advantage of free trials to try the recruitment software online. For example, factorial’s free 14-day trial is an opportunity not only to try their ATS, but also the rest of their HR services. Here are our tips for how to get the most out of a trial:

  • Have as many members of your team as possible test the software.
  • Make sure the features meet the essential and non-essential requirements previously decided on.
  • Find software that integrates well with your current tools.
  • Test all offered features to make sure they are as advertised and not too clunky.

Remember, you want a clean, mean, recruiting machine. Don’t get bogged down with unnecessary features which will only slow you down.

3. Commit to a Recruitment Manager Software

With an idea in mind of how the different software functions, it is finally time to choose the program that works best for you. Before you take the plunge, do your best to determine if the recruitment software pricing is honest or if there are hidden costs. Fees per job posting or new hire can quickly add up.

Factorial’s recruitment software comes free with a subscription to its HR management services, therefore it has no hidden fees. This may be an opportunity not just to improve your recruitment process but improve the employee experience for the entire employee life cycle.

applicant tracking

Free Recruitment Software for Agencies: What’s Your Best Bet?

Free recruitment software for agencies should help organise and track applicants. To ensure agility, agencies also want to be sure to keep strong candidates on file for future positions. This will cut down on time-to-hire for future posts, reducing costs and lost revenue.

Recruitment software for small businesses should prioritise organisation. Small businesses certainly need to be as efficient as possible. This means cutting down on time spent transferring data or looking for lost documents. Having a seamless transition from recruitment to onboarding will further help small businesses cut down on admin time.

Implementing HRS Recruitment Software

Once you have decided on your dream recruitment software, it is time to get it up and running and start reaping the benefits. Your team already got a taste of the free trial so it shouldn’t be too much work to get everyone else on board.

  • Organise training or information sessions for employees who will be using the software.
  • Integrate the software with your other tools. If you have Factorial, this means connecting it with Slack, as well as any job listing sites.
  • Above all, enjoy! If you’ve followed all the steps, you should find that this software frees your team up from tedious administration. Use the time (and the data) to adopt more strategic hiring strategies and to improve your postings and interview processes.

Recruiters must work hard and be creative in order to find the right candidate. Correctly implemented, recruitment software gives them the time and organisational structure to find the perfect fit for every position.

The Benefits of Using Factorial For Recruitment

Factorial’s intuitive interface and helpful tools attract better candidates and streamline your recruiting process. For example, here are just a few of the ways Factorial helps employers out:

  • Businesses can design beautiful career pages for their websites.
  • Factorial aggregates employee information at every step of the employee lifecycle, so you never have to go looking for lost documents.
  • Businesses can create custom job postings and applications, and post directly on Linkedin and Indeed.
  • The recruitment process can flow easily into the onboarding process with electronic signatures, and structured task flows.

In conclusion, with Factorial’s free recruitment software, you can reach your recruitment goals and keep your company on track for success.

Trial Factorial’s HR Software [Free Recruitment Software Included in Your Plan].

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