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Imagine if there was a software solution to manage employee holidays?

Managing employee holidays can be an absolute nightmare, even in small and medium sized companies. There’s a lot of work behind holiday leave and different types of sick leave. In most companies, someone in the team has to accept or deny holiday requests and their decision can lead to breaks in the normal workflow of the team, for example, if someone is missing and the remaining employees hadn’t planned for this absence.

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What does having a time off manager mean for the HR department or manager?

Dealing with time off requests can take more than 5 hours a week for the human resources department. This time can double when considering the period closer to summer or Christmas. 90% of the time used at the end of the month is used for tracking employee hours and dealing with leave requests for employee holidays. Checking a poorly crafted calendar that is not always up to date, notifying other teammates, repeating this process for each employee (who normally has at least 4-5 requests) makes this process extremely stressful, tedious and time consuming. Now, pray for no modifications ?

An employee holiday tracking software that deals with all these requests, can help you drastically shorten the time spent on requests management. At Factorial we just simplified the process so you only need to approve or deny requests from employees. The rest is taken care of with our technology. We guarantee privacy for every single user on our platform so our time off tracking is much safer than using other vulnerable methods such as excel files.

In some companies, different employees are in charge of modifying requests. Perhaps it’s the team leader, or maybe a supervisor. If you already have this process inside your company, you can carry on and simply add different time off supervisors for each team or employee. The company calendar will be updated employee holidays automatically and we will notify the employee once you respond to their request.

Access everything in one place

Having access to relevant information during the decision process is vital to accept or deny an absence request. This access allows our time off manager to integrate all the information needed to make the right decision: which other employees will be out of office or how many days will the worker be absent for? You can even see if other people in the same team will be on holiday during the same dates so you can be aware of potential production breaks.

Factorial’s time off manager aims to help small and medium companies like yours to access the best management tools the same way larger companies do. Our time off manager and the rest of our software is free to use with no limits or fees.

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How can handling employee holidays help your team?

Saving time on this process means faster replies to the employees regarding annual leave requests, something they really appreciate when planning a few days on holiday with their family or friends.

Safety is important. Have you ever thought about losing your computer, having a local file which is not protected by a password and storing personal data of the whole team in there? Quite risky business. Moving to a time off management software will prevent you from losing all this information or having the wrong eyes reading something that they shouldn’t?

In fact, using an annual leave tracker also has other great benefits. For example, if you receive a request while you are out of the office, on the street or at home, you can reply from inside the email and we will do the rest. There’s absolutely no need to open your laptop and search for a file to update. Your team will appreciate the quick response to their employee holidays.

This manager is also created for the employees use as they can also login to the software and check their personal data. Just their data, no other team member’s data. Employees have a limited version of the software to prevent displaying information that you don’t want to share with them.

If you want to know more about our time off manager check out our website. Move over to our intelligent manager now, save time and spend it on what it matters the most, your employees.

An Additional FREE feature

Factorial also offers another feature which fits in well with our time off manager. We provide a Time and Attendance Software, enabling you to track hours worked whilst monitoring employee hours, check it out! Read these blogs for more info:

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