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Can Workforce Management Software Optimise Your Time?

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workforce management software

Today we use technology for practically everything: buying clothes, ordering food at home, communicating remotely, etc. Without a doubt, digitisation has come into our lives to stay and it has also revolutionised the workplace. Do you know what workforce management software is?

Technology helps us complete many tasks including activities related to Human Resources, such as finding personnel, optimising time and storing data. All this can be achieved with digitisation but if we also want to improve all our processes and go one step forward, the best option is to use workforce management software.

Why is it important to have a workforce management system?

Previously, the Human Resources department had not been a main focal point for many businesses and its importance has increased rapidly. HRM was relegated to the most basic tasks related to payroll, interviews and paperwork in general. However, over time, companies have realised the potential of the HR department and the value of employee management to improve the company.

For this reason, it is very important to streamline tall these tasks and digitise processes in order to dedicate more time to what is truly important for your company, talent management.

How can workforce management software optimise your time?

If you are part of a Human Resources team, surely you would like a magic formula to forget about word docs, excel spreadsheets, emails,  databases with bundles of information and data of your employees spread all over the place.

Lack of information leads to a waste of time. You may not notice a huge difference from day to day, but if you add up all the time lost, spent on manual administrative tasks which could be automated instead, you will soon realise that you’re wasting several hours throughout the week.

workforce management software

The best way of having total control of your employees’ data, as well as all their work activity, is to have a single workforce management system that combines all this information. We aren’t only talking about information and documents; many HR software offers solutions for the transfer of time control and the management of absences. Can you imagine not having to review working hours or excel sheets to balance all your worker’s holidays?

Next, we give you the key to perfect time management thanks to the help of software:

 Minimise mistakes using workforce management software

One of the most valued Human Resources Software solutions in the UK is Factorial. This offering enables you to centralise all the information related to your employees, such as payroll, contracts, documents, transfers, holidays, etc.

In addition, it helps you minimise and detect errors in good time. For example, if you have to manage an employee’s holiday, you will know the exact days they can take and when they are taking them, without suffering from the veracity of an Excel.

Workforce management software provides documents at your fingertips

Imagine one day you are or you’re on a business trip or teleworking and you need to access the data of your workers. It may be a cumbersome task to access company files and servers. With a workforce management system, you won’t have this problem,  since all data is stored in the cloud. Therefore, it will always be available wherever you are, just with a single click.

workforce management software

It offers transparency

Often, companies have all their information stored in different places, which makes it harder to locate and know exactly when new important information was added or when it was last updated. The use of HRMS (human resources management software) will not only give you peace of mind of having everything under control, but you will also offer transparency to your employees.

In addition, before a possible Labour and Social Security Inspection by time control, you will have the certainty of having all your employee’s information regarding their entrances and exits to work each day.  Make sure that the software you choose complies with the Law in this regard!

The information is always updated

Previously, you probably had to go through each employee at a time to send payroll slips, or documents to sign. Now, with workforce management software, you can make shipments much faster and employees can also update information themselves.

With just a few clicks you can achieve what used to take several hours and thus you can dedicate time to other, more important tasks.

Offers security and privacy

When all sensitive information is hosted in the cloud, you don’t run the risk of someone opening the wrong drawer … and accessing classified or personal documents. Both the information and the data will be safe. In addition, an employee portal will enable workers to access all their documents without having to ask their manager, saving you lots of time.

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So, now it’s up to you to choose the best workforce management software for your company

If you are looking for a program to manage Human Resources in your company, you should take into account the following points before you decide which software suits your company the most:

Define your needs

A preliminary investigation is essential to confirm whether or not the software is required. To do this, you can time your tasks or list all the tasks that are repeated every day and could be expedited.

Value ​​everything related to legal issues

If you have a legal department, you may already be up to date with the treatment of employee data or the laws regarding employees. If not, the software can help, putting your mind and ease and keeping all the regulations regarding HR up to date.

Consider the number of employees

The workload for the human resources department of a company with 5 employees will be very different from a company with 30 workforces. The vast majority of software solutions will have a different cost, depending on the number of workers, so you can also decide based on of this.

Decide if you want to have your information stored locally or in the cloud

If until now you had all your information on a computer, even if you make frequent backups, it will not be as secure as if you have it hosted in the cloud with software. This option is very interesting, since some cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive, have limited capacity meaning if you need more space, you’ll have to pay.

Consider all your employee profiles

If you have employees’ with very flexible schedules, which is more likely, due to the Pandemic,  the use of a program for Human Resources Management will be of great help. Your employees will be able to access the software on a daily basis through a tablet or mobile, without needing a computer and you will be able to communicate through the system to ask them for any information you need.

Are you trying to digitise your Human Resources department and don’t know how to do it? At Factorial we want to help you and this is why we are making our free trial period indefinite until the crisis generated by COVID-19 ends. Try Factorial and make the management of your workers possible during these most difficult times!

Register with Factorial’s workforce management software for free and throw all the paperwork in the bin!

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