Buddy and Mentor Program Checklist

Implementing a buddy and mentor program in your workplace will provide your new employees with numerous benefits and it can also be valuable to your organisation. Providing a workplace buddy to the newest additions to your organisation ensures that your new employees have someone to talk to, which is important in the first nerve-wracking weeks or months of a new job.

The first day for any new employee starting in your company can be daunting, so setting up an initial Buddy meeting may be the best solution. This Buddy meeting is often best carried out in an informal environment such as over coffee. The Buddy can take this opportunity to outline their own role and why they are acting as the new starters Buddy. In order for the Buddies to be prepared for this meeting, they will need a checklist that outlines every task that forms part of their mentoring program for the new employee.

In our Buddy or Mentor program checklist for new employees, you will find every task from the initial onboarding of the employee to the third month. 

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