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Easy to Use Time off Software

Our time off manager helps you track employee holidays, time off requests, and gain insights into your workforce.

Easily Manage Time Off Requests

  • Automates time off requests.
  • Enforce your company's time off policy.
  • Information is always up to date and available.
  • Easily view on the employee portal time off accrued, used and remaining.
  • Visualise employee leave with the calendar view

Utilise time off data to run custom reports

  • Generate custom reports about employee absences and types of leave to make more informed decisions.
  • Create reports and group time-off data per office or team.
  • Check all your employees' past and incoming leaves at a glance.
  • Download annual and monthly summaries of your employees' absences.

Customise Time Off Policies

  • Create time-off policies and assign them to your employees
  • Define the number of holidays employees can carry over from one year to the next.
  • Create as many policies as you want.
  • Create your own leave types to cover all scenarios.