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Compensation that creates loyalty

Employee well-being is what drives a lot of product innovations, but these updates take it one step further, prioritising both team development and how it is managed.

Talent Management
Access trainings from the Mobile AppWhere ever, whenever. Your teams can train and improve their skills from the Mobile App.
training mobile
Time management
Easily track and compensate overtimeExtra hours no longer need to be a cause of friction with your team, easily compensate them for their time.
Manage development related costsWith our new spending control, securing benefits and trainings is more straight forward than ever.
cost management

Integrated Recruitment Tools

We’ve took every step of the recruitment process and found a way to make it easier on you. Leave the repetitive, manual tasks to our new, cutting-edge, automated tools.

Talent Management
Post openings across multiple platformsEasily share your job postings across multiple platforms directly from within Factorial, without having to repeat the process.
job posting
Talent Management
AI-Enhanced Selection ProcessFocus on reviewing only top matches, and save time by avoiding manually filtering all candidates.
ai recruiting
Talent Management
Engage with CandidatesCentralise your messaging in Factorial and easily keep track of conversations
candidate messages
Talent Management
Effortlessly arrange interviews with team membersNo more back and forth finding a time that works for everyone. Our Smart Scheduling will allow you to get it right on the first go, all within Factorial.
schedule meetings

Centralised Team Collaboration

Communication is key, so we’ve improved the traditional way to make sure conversations are kept in one spot and are easy to follow.

Talent Management
Take your teams thoughts into accountBoost communication and select the perfect candidate by the comments left on candidates profiles by your team.
team comments
Seamless Approval WorkflowsManage complex spending request and approval processes without wasting anyone’s times.
workflow spending
Automized expenditure communicationsTrack conversations across teams regarding expenditures from inside Factorial.
costs communication
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Innovations that have helped companies like yours

Technology+ 50 employees
A single, centralized hubFactorial serves as a one-stop-shop seamlessly integrating all of the companies HR processes into a cohesive system.
Engineering+ 60 employees
Effective Recruitment and RetentionAttracting top talent while developing your current teams, from one easy to use app.
eg technology
Textile+ 50 employees
A solution for allFrom going paperless to tracking time, Factorial has helped team members in many different ways.

Previous launches

Time management
Boost Efficiency with GeofencingPrecision time and location monitoring for businesses with multiple locations.

Talent Management
Meet Your Performance SolutionUnlock agile performance management with Factorial's new tool for enhanced feedback and engagement
Insightful and Informed PayrollUnlock payroll data and transform how you manage your business.
Redefining Contract ManagementShift HR’s workload and enable managerial autonomy through a manager-centric contract process.
Factorial Core
Streamlined Paperwork HandlingAccelerate new employee paperwork with smart document templates.
Time management
Reinvented Project ManagementPrecision time and cost tracking for professionals handling complex projects.
Simple Software ManagementWith our new app you can have more control over SaaS and license spending and gain valuable insights.
Take Control of SaaS PaymentsAutomate purchases, set budget limits, and gain control with unique virtual cards for each SaaS subscription.
Factorial Core
Onboard Smarter, Not HarderAutomate and simplify your employee onboarding experience with our new workflows.

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