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Combating the Great Resignation - A Guide for HR Managers

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What’s truly behind the trend of the Great Resignation?

Whilst many will just end up jumping ship for a bit more money, the reasons and motivations vary for people. And somehow they all start with F!

▶️ Freedom

▶️ Flexibility

▶️ Fulfilment

▶️ Finance

How you handle those, especially the first 3, besides offering free coffee and yoga lessons, will define how your employees judge the company culture and whether to stay or go.

And so, what are the tools and actions you can take today for increasing employee engagement and performance?

Our ebook is based on our webinar with Tia Castagno, the CEO and founder of UnlockYourBlock. Tia helps mid-career employees to make bold professional choices. She also works with organisations to create a supportive environment where employees can learn and grow.

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