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Save time and optimise the end result by providing perfect payroll for your employees in seconds. Download our free Excel payroll template designed to generate official, complete and fully customisable documents.

Increase the productivity of your human resources team with this Excel payroll template. Fill in the form on this page, and you will receive the Excel document to fill in with the data of your company and employee. It will land in your email inbox completely free of charge! 

It is a standard payroll model made in Excel based on the HMRC template that you can use to prepare your employees' payroll. It contains cells for employee information, base salary and deductions. 

Manage HR Documents and Payroll easily with Factorial

One of the major struggles of managing employee contracts, payslips and other documentation is finding the best method of organising and classifying them.

Did you know that with Factorial’s HR software, you can manage all your employee documents in one place? With the documents manager, you can organise payslips, leaves, contracts, and even sign documents!

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Excel payroll template… complete and official!

A fully optimised payroll template that can be used as an official document, including all the relevant and essential payroll data.

Forget having to create and design a payslip every time payroll comes around! This simple editable template is designed in the most widely used programme for workforce financial matters: Excel.

Fully formulated with the usual data and costs (NI details, contribution base, net salary, gross salary, extras, etc.), generating the payslips for your entire team will take just minutes.

Satisfied employees with perfect payroll

Payslip mistakes can cause your team to lose confidence in your work. Improve the relationship you have with your employees by consistently delivering error-free and personalised payslips using this free template.

With this Excel payslip template, payroll will be easy, fast and totally safe. You won't have to manually calculate bases or deductions. Everything is formulated and ready to be personalised with your employees' data.

Mandatory payroll data [all formats]

  • Data of the employee who receives the payroll: Name, NI number, NI category, employee payroll number, department, employee tax code.
  • Payroll details: Pay date, pay period, hours worked, pay rate (annual/hourly), tax period.
  • Income and allowances: each and every one of the salary concepts generated by each worker that contributes to the amount to be received. It is made up of the base gross pay and any allowances.
  • Deductions: details of each and every deduction that affects each worker according to their conditions. National insurance, income tax, and other taxes.
  • Net pay and payment method.

How to download and work with the payroll template in Excel

This is an easy-to-use Excel payroll template that is designed to be completely personalised to each employee.

Simply download it, fill in the company data once and save it as your own company template.

Avoid errors, save time and deliver a perfect result.

Steps to follow to use our model payroll template for Excel:

  • Download the free Excel payroll template just by entering your email.
  • Open the template in Excel like any other document.
  • Enter your logo and company details and save it as a template.
  • From here on, always use your personalised template to build (step by step) the monthly payroll for all your employees.
  • Export each payslip once finished to PDF format. This means no receiver will be able to modify it once received.
  • Send it by email and/or hand-deliver it to your employees.

Running payroll just got a whole lot easier thanks to Factorial's Excel payroll template.