Free Redundancy Calculator (UK) 

Our redundancy pay calculator (UK) is designed to help you calculate the amount of redundancy pay an employee is entitled to receive when they lose their job because their position is no longer needed within the organisation.

Using a statutory redundancy calculator when you calculate redundancy pay is an easy way to quickly and accurately work out how much they are owed. 

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What is redundancy pay? 

Redundancy pay is compensation provided to employees whose positions are lost due to organisational changes, technological advancements, or economic reasons. The amount is typically based on factors like length of service, age, and local employment laws. It aims to ease the financial impact of job loss. In the UK, the maximum statutory pay per week is £643 and the maximum total statutory redundancy pay is £19,290. 

What is a statutory redundancy pay calculator?

A statutory redundancy pay calculator, also known as a severance pay calculator (UK),  is a tool designed to help individuals or employers determine the statutory redundancy payment owed to an employee based on specific legal requirements. It considers factors like the employee's length of service and age, as mandated by employment laws or regulations in a particular jurisdiction.

How do you calculate statutory redundancy pay? 

Calculating redundancy pay requires you to consider an employee's age, length of continuous service (up to the last 20 years in the UK), and weekly gross pay, up to a statutory limit. The formula involves multiplying the employee's weekly pay, years of service, and a statutory redundancy payment multiplier set by local employment laws or regulations. Using a redundancy pay calculator (UK) is the easiest, quickest way to work out the final amount owed. 

If an employee has worked standard hours on regular pay, they should receive:

  • 1 and a half week's pay for every full year they were aged 41yrs or above
  • 1 week's pay for every full year they were aged 22 or above (but under 41) 
  • Half a week's pay for every full year they were under the age of 22

How do you calculate redundancy pay for part-time workers

The calculation of redundancy pay is the same for part-time workers. When you calculate redundancy pay (UK), simply use the average you earned each week in the 12 weeks pre-redundancy as your ‘week’s pay’.