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Skills Matrix Template for Professional Development

Download this free skills matrix template to keep track of the progress and achievements of your team and turbocharge professional development! 

With this Excel, you can gain visibility into employee development, assess their level of interest in learning particular skill sets, and compare learned competencies with overall objectives.

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What is a skills matrix?

A skills matrix is a visual tool that assesses and displays the skills, competencies, and proficiency levels of individuals within a team or organisation. It provides a structured overview, aiding in workforce planning, identifying skill gaps, and ensuring that the right skills are available for effective task allocation and project execution.

Skills matrix example

In this skills matrix example, skills are rated as High, Medium, or Low for each employee with different competencies. This helps in visualising the team's collective skill set and identifying areas for development or potential collaboration.

Why is a skill matrix important?

It is crucial for efficient workforce management. It provides a clear overview of the skills and competencies within a team, aiding in task assignment, project planning, and identifying skill gaps. This enables organisations to make informed decisions about training, recruitment, and resource allocation, optimising overall team performance. Using a skills matrix template can speed up the process and give more accurate results. 

How to create a competency/skills matrix 

To create a competency/skills matrix, identify key skills relevant to your team or organization. List team members and assess their proficiency levels in each skill. Utilise a rating system (e.g., High, Medium, Low). Regularly update the matrix to reflect skill development and changes in team composition, ensuring accuracy and relevance.