(Un)learning in HR with Laura Mazzullo

For the first episode of On Board - the ultimate podcast for Human Resource Management, Beau and Laura dig deep into the changing recruitment landscape. How are candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters reimagining what it means to find a "good fit?"

Key Action Points:

  • Create workflows to ask better questions of candidates. We're seeing an important shift from "Why should we hire you?" to "In what ways is this organization a good fit for this candidate?"
  • Redefine what "fit" means to an organization. Specify what's important to your organization and get alignment across your team.
  • Train team members continuously. Build a safe space where HR leaders can acknowledge any weaknesses and grow.
  • Be bold. Go to leadership in the organization to enact the changes you know are necessary.
  • Don't judge your previous practices. Acknowledge what practices are no longer serving you but don't waste mental energy punishing yourself. We're all growing together.