Webinar: Emotional Intelligence in HR

In this webinar, HR expert Laura Mazzullo discusses the importance of emotional intelligence within the workplace and offers tips on ways managers can cultivate empathy and compassion.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

The value emotional intelligence brings to HR departments is vital yet underrated. Many HR professionals don't view it as a priority. However, the benefits it brings to businesses are infinite. Emotional intelligence is vital for effective leadership. Leaders that practice emotional intelligence in the process strengthen their organizational culture, increase the companies resilience and flexibility, and promote team cooperation. 

However, this is not just important for HR departments. A study that analyzed Fortune 500 companies concluded that sales reps with high emotional intelligence produced twice the revenue, additionally, 90% of the companies' best performers had a high rating of emotional intelligence. 

As you see emotional intelligence brings an abundance of benefits to businesses, so why not sign up to our free webinar to learn more, and master ways to become an emotionally intelligent leader.