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What is the future of HR?

CEO, author, keynote speaker and HR professional Kelly Swingler will discuss the future of HR and where the discipline is heading.


How L&D Programs Can Improve Performance in the Workplace

Learning and development is a core function of HR management. When managed well, it can help you develop skills and improve the performance of your employees.


How Stress and Mental Health Awareness Can Transform Lives in the Workplace

As you know, the month of April is stress awareness month so there's no better time to discuss how to reduce stress in the workplace and create a mental health strategy for your organisation!


Employee Performance Management for a Modern Workforce

Employee Performance Management isn’t simple – but can be easy!


Increase Employee Retention with a Mentoring Program

Creating a successful mentoring program in your organisation can help you retain your employees.


Webinar: Supporting Others to Succeed

In this webinar, Executive Director of Global Human Resources Marcela Niemeyer shared with us her tips on supporting others to succeed. This is a vital skill to have in the world of HR, as no business can succeed without HR leaders and managers unsolicited support for their emplo


[Webinar 🎧] How To Practice Emotional Intelligence in HR!

Subscribe to watch our webinar on the importance of HR professionals adopting emotional intelligence within the workplace.


Uncovering employee potential

CEO, Ted Talks speaker and entrepreneur Ron Lovett discusses with us the best ways to uncover your employees' potential.

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