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How HR Teams in the Retail Industry Can Overcome Challenges

Retail is one of the big contributors to the UK economy with a gross added value (GVA) of £89 billion. In fact, the sector employs approximately 5 million people across the country.  It’s also a notoriously difficult industry to work in. Dealing with unhappy customers, working on your feet all day, and regular anti-social hours can lead to employees opting for other industries. This can make recruiting and retaining individuals within the industry consistently tough. Competing with other retailers is another key challenge for retail managers. Creating a pleasurable and personalised shopping experience to draw customers in and away from the competition requires trained and efficient shop workers. But how do retail employers create that perfect shopping experience to drive profits whilst navigating workforce management challenges, such as recruitment, retention, development and scheduling? This ebook takes you through the top three challenges retail employers face and how to overcome them.