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Combating the Great Resignation - A Guide for HR Managers

Our Ebook by Tia Castagno covers the Great Resignation trend of 2022. It examines and directly addresses the themes that are causing people to quit their jobs.

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Download For Free Ron Lovett's Bestselling Book Outrageous Empowerment

Download for free Ron Lovett's highly rated book Outrageous Empowerment.

Driving Employee Performance & Engagement eBook

Our ebook by Dr. Rochelle covers the following topics: * Typical pitfalls in managing hybrid performance * Moving away from traditional performance metrics * Creating a roadmap for hybrid success

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2022 HR Trends

This eBook on the 2022 HR Trends will provide you with great insights into the upcoming workplace changes so your company can adapt in time! Read more! Download for free!

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2021 HR Study - A Year in Review

This 2021 HR Study for the UK and Ireland will provide you with great insight regarding the HR trends of the future. Wondering what to expect in 2022? Read more! Download for free!

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HR Analytics Ebook

This Guide to HR Analytics explains everything you need to know to understand how your workforce investments contribute to achieving business goals through revenue generation, expense minimisation, risk mitigation, and executive strategic planning.

Download Your People Analytics Ebook

Use our people analytics ebook to gain insight into your workforce, unify your team and leverage HR metrics for success.

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