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How Stress and Mental Health Awareness Can Transform Lives in the Workplace

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Did you know that 12.7 % of all sickness absence days in the UK are linked to mental health conditions?

This free eBook is a collaborative piece between Ryan Allen and Factorial HR that explores the topic of mental health and stress awareness within the workplace. Ryan Allen is a Wellness Advocate, Speaker and Expert, a former class teacher turned podcaster and a host of the Hey Ryan Podcast. 

Ryan's life mission is to enable people to break free from anxiety and live life with purpose. In this ebook he addresses the following topics: 

  • How do we start talking about anxiety at work? 
  • What is the solution? 
  • Decisive leaders can change company culture 
  • Fun and relaxed workspaces 

We'll see how this type of awareness can transform the lives of employees in the workplace and what can HR professionals do to drive performance and employee engagement in their teams. 

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