The Future of HR: Trends, Challenges and Law Changes in 2024

This free HR Workshop with Natalie Ellis covers all HR trends, challenges and law changes that await us in the upcoming 2024.

Employee Engagement Strategies for SMBs

This free partner discussion with Vaso Parisinou, CPO at Ravio and Kaori from Factorial covers the best employee engagement strategies for SMBs for 2024.
Lech Guzowski

Work Models: How to Choose the Best for Your Business

This free HR Workshop with expert and speaker Lech Guzowski covers tips and tricks on how to choose the best work model for your business.

How to Use HR Data Correctly with the Help of an HRIS

This free HR Workshop with Lara Kenny covers tips and tricks on how to use HR data correctly in your daily work with the help of an HRIS.
Tia Castagno

Attracting Diverse Talent with Skill-Based Recruitment

This HR Workshop with Tia Castagno covers tips and tricks on how to attract diverse talent for your organisation with the help of skill-based recruitment.

Coping Mechanisms for Stress and Anxiety at Work

Cope with stress and anxiety in your workplace by following the techniques of our speakers and experts on the topic - Amy McKeown, Camilla Rogers and Amy Polly.

Changing Culture by Putting People First

Change the culture in your workplace by putting people first. Listen to our speaker and client Sophia Patel and Account Manager Anna-May Jones talking about this topic.
Free HR Webinar with Kate Usher and Daniele Fiandaca

Embracing Gender Equality in the Workplace

Begin embracing gender equality and improving overall employee satisfaction in your workplace by following the advice of our speakers and experts on the topic - Kate Usher and Daniele Fiandaca.

Employee Wellbeing Strategy Template

This employee wellbeing strategy template can be used to clarify your aims, structure your approach and keep track of progress. Download our free template to start building your programme!
Free HR Webinar with Paola Tartaglione and Anna-May Jones

How to Manage Employee Performance with Factorial

Start managing performance in your workplace by following the advice of our speaker and client Paola Tartaglione from TaxScouts and our Account Manager: Anna-May Jones.

Return to Work Interview Template

This return to work interview template contains all of the questions you'll need to ask your returning employee, plus a checklist for the interviewer.
Free HR Webinar with Tia Castagno

How HR Managers Can Combat the Great Resignation

In this live event with Tia Castagno, we cover the Great Resignation trend. She examines and directly addresses the themes that are causing more and more people to quit their jobs.