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Live Masterclass: Advanced Interviewing Strategies for Hiring Managers in the Tech Industry

Are you a hiring manager in the tech industry responsible for selecting top talent across various functions? This masterclass is designed exclusively for experienced hiring managers seeking to hone their interviewing skills and foster effective and unbiased candidate evaluation, regardless of the role.

In this interactive session, we delve into the following crucial areas:

1. Strategic Interview Preparation: Learn how to align your interview process with best recruitment practices, ensuring you're fully prepared to assess top talent across diverse functions.

2. Behavioral Interviews and Effective Probing: Discover the art of conducting behavioural interviews and how to effectively probe for valuable insights, applicable to a wide range of positions.

3. Questioning and Listening Mastery: Explore various interview question types to use and avoid, while honing your active listening skills, adaptable for tech, sales, marketing, and more.

4. Handling Challenging Interview Scenarios: Gain strategies to confidently navigate difficult interview situations with grace and professionalism, irrespective of the role.

5. Identifying Top Talent Across Functions: Uncover the secrets to identifying and attracting exceptional candidates, whether you're hiring for tech, sales, marketing, or other roles.

6. Evidence-Based Decision Making: Learn how to collect and record compelling evidence during interviews to make well-informed hiring decisions, regardless of the department.

7. Combatting Unconscious Bias in Hiring: We'll tackle the critical issue of unconscious bias, helping you recognise and mitigate biases such as affinity bias, halo effect, conformity bias, confirmation bias, attribution bias, and gender bias, across all areas of hiring.

During this free live masterclass with Margaret Buj you can take your interviewing skills to the next level, ensuring your organisation makes informed, equitable, and successful hires across diverse functions within the dynamic tech industry. Don't miss this opportunity to excel in the competitive world of talent acquisition.

🎥 Watch our live masterclass by clicking on the video above.

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About Margaret Buj

Margaret Buj is a Talent Acquisition Manager and Interview Coach and Trainer specialising in helping job seekers secure their dream roles, promotions, and higher compensation. She has close to two decades of experience in recruiting for global tech giants and startups, including Expedia, VMware, Typeform, Cisco, King, Box and Mixmax, across EMEA and the USA.

Margaret's expertise extends beyond coaching job seekers; she has also trained hiring managers at top companies to conduct effective interviews and make smarter hiring decisions.

Since 2006, Margaret has successfully coached thousands of individuals worldwide to achieve their career goals. Her insights and advice have been featured in prominent publications such as FoxBusiness, Business Insider, Forbes, GOBanking Rates, Financial Times, Management Today, and CIO Magazine.