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Embracing Gender Equality in the Workplace

Did you know that 55% of men agree that achieving equality between men and women is very important to them, according to Statista? But how many of them actually take action to improve and embrace gender equality with open arms? 

Join us for our free HR webinar where we talk with Kate Usher and Daniele Fiandaca and discuss how to improve gender equality at your workplace. Hearing both the female and the male perspectives of this global issue can help you change the way you treat your employees and improve overall employee satisfaction.

Kate Usher is a Menopause Coach and gender equity consultant while Daniele Fiandaca is the founder of an inclusion and diversity consultancy which specialises in engaging senior leaders and men.

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United Kingdom
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About Kate Usher

Kate Usher is an experienced Menopause Coach and Gender Equity Consultant. She works with women and organisations to create simple strategies that enable modern and supportive Menopause conversations. Ensuring women retain their careers and organisations continue to benefit from some of their most brilliant employees.

In addition to this, she had a nearly 20-year career working for FTSE 100 organisations as a Global Project Manager. She managed teams across four continents implementing complex processes, systems and organisational change projects.  

She is an internationally published author, and her book ‘Your Second Phase – reclaiming work and relationships during and after Menopause was shortlisted for the Business Book of the Year Award.

About Daniele Fiandaca

Daniele Fiandaca is the founder of Token Man Consulting, an inclusion and diversity consultancy which specialises in engaging senior leaders and men with I&D and inspiring them to become inclusive leaders and agents of change, creating workplaces that are truly inclusive and diverse.

Token Man Consulting was born from Token Man, an initiative he co-founded nearly a decade ago to engage men with the gender equity discussion and is also co-founder of Masculinity in the Workplace, one of the few I&D events that have a majority male attendance. 

He was named one of Management Today’s Top 30 Male Agents of Change, and most recently, one of the Top 50 Trailblazers in Gender Equality in the UK.