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Partner Discussion: Employee Engagement Strategies for SMBs

🤫 What’s the secret sauce for propelling productivity and performance within SMBs?

🌟 Vaso Parisinou, Chief People Office of Ravio, believes the answer is driving motivation and commitment through effective employee engagement strategies - and we think she might be onto a winner. She's joined by our very own Talent Development Specialist, Kaori Yamakawa, to talk about their impact and how to implement them at your workplace. 🗣

Employee engagement strategies are crucial for SMBs as they directly impact productivity and performance. Engaged employees are more motivated, committed, and willing to go the extra mile, ultimately driving business growth and profitability. Additionally, these strategies foster a positive work culture, reduce turnover, and enhance the company's reputation, making it easier to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market.

🎥 Watch our partner discussion by clicking on the video above.

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About Vaso Parisinou

Vaso Parisinou was the first People hire at Deliveroo back in 2015 and has been on a journey supporting companies going through hypergrowth ever since. More recently, as VP of People at TrueLayer, Vaso scaled the team from 40 to 400 people in just 2.5 years, leading the People charge yet again. 

She is now the Chief People Officer at Ravio, an early-stage startup specialising in real-time compensation benchmarking, whose mission aligns closely with her own belief in empowering People leaders with robust, up-to-date data and insights. 

About Kaori Yamakawa

Kaori Yamakawa is an HR professional with 6 years of experience dedicated to the development of people skills and teams in organizations. Her current position is People Talent Development Specialist in Factorial where she shares all her experience and enriches the conversation with Ravio regarding employee engagement strategies.