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How to Increase Employee Retention with a Mentoring Programme

Creating a successful mentoring programme in your organisation can help you retain your employees.

Join us for a free HR webinar on How to Increase Employee Retention with a Mentoring Programme with Carla Pearce. During this event, she discusses these focus points:

▶️ What the current workforce want from their employers

▶️ How and why a mentoring programme can help them achieve that

▶️ How to implement a company-wide mentoring programme

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United Kingdom
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About Carla Pearce

Carla is currently a Network Manager for The Girls' Network. She had spent a number of years in HR and specifically Learning & Development where employee engagement was a huge focus. Perhaps more importantly, Carla took part in a mentoring partnership at her place of work that ultimately meant both she and the company she worked for benefited from high levels of engagement, innovation and productivity.