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Employee Performance Management for a Modern Workforce

Join us for our free HR webinar on Employee Performance Management for a Modern Workforce with Clinton Wingrove. 

If you are a manager and want to influence the performance of your staff, there are a few things you need to know and do. During the event, Clinton answers these questions: 

▶️ Why don’t traditional performance management processes work?

▶️ Why don’t most objective-setting processes improve results?

▶️ How does remote working make a difference?

▶️ What can a manager do to enhance the performance of their team?

▶️ It may not be simple, but how easy can it be?

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United Kingdom
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About Clinton Wingrove

Clinton is the CEO and Principal HR Consultant at Clinton HR Ltd. He enables Managers and HR Professionals to achieve Management Mastery; unleash their potential and transform performance. Clinton is also a Speaker, Author, Master Trainer, and Executive Coach. He works with managers, teams, and organisations to realise their true potential and maximise their performance. His international experience encompasses commercial and public sector clients in the UK, the USA, Barbados, and many other countries.

Clinton discusses how to manage employee performance in today's modern workplace. Performance management starts with good leadership. We need to train our senior managers so that they are aware of the benefits of continuously tracking employee performance. Also, we must promote a culture of communication and individual accountability and inspire employees to strive for professional development. And last, but not least, we need to ensure that we revisit and adapt goals on a regular basis.