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How Managers in the Construction Industry Can Overcome 3 Key Challenges

The construction industry was severely hit during the pandemic, during which projects came to a standstill, and its workforce was largely neglected. After lockdowns started to subside, business picked up and gathered momentum in the months immediately post-covid.  However, the industry appears to be experiencing another significant slump yet again. Due to high mortgage interest rates and other compounding financial factors, private construction demands are down almost 20% in 2023 compared to 2022.  Because of these issues, the construction industry faces several challenges regarding recruitment and retention, with individuals opting for more secure alternatives. On top of that, people management is becoming difficult as leaders are expected to juggle several different types of employee contracts to complete one project. As a result of these issues, forecasting project timelines is becoming increasingly complex. In this free ebook, we outline how organisations in the construction industry can face these problems head-on. By providing simple solutions to your people management problems, we look at how to overcome these barriers.