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How Managers in the Healthcare Industry Can Overcome 3 Key Challenges

The UK healthcare system has historically been held in high esteem, but it has experienced its fair share of difficulties.  Ambulance wait times have reached unprecedented levels, and securing an appointment with an NHS dentist or GP has become a formidable task. 

On top of that, certain areas of healthcare - largely mental health - have been deemed inadequate. Waiting lists have grown dramatically as a result of post-pandemic demands, leading to an increase of around 150%. 

Part of the issue faced by the industry is associated with resourcing the services effectively. Turnover is high, and roles are under-resourced, resulting in an overstretched workforce. 

In this article, we will look at the challenges faced by healthcare organisations from an HR perspective, focusing on talent acquisition and retention, employee burnout, and compliance with industry-specific laws and regulations. We provide practical solutions and insights to optimise HR practices within healthcare organisations.