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AI HR Software: Unleashing Dual Power

Integrate HR AI tools to revolutionise the way you do business. Turbocharge your processes with AI for recruitment, documentation, reporting and more.

Trusted by 8000+ companies in over 65 countries

Unleash the full potential of Factorial with AI

Streamline your processes on a whole new level with the ultimate automation capabilities.

Enhanced Talent Acquisition

Enhanced Talent Acquisition

Streamline your processes on a whole new level with the ultimate automation capabilities.

Streamlined and Efficient HR Processes

Streamlined and Efficient HR Processes

Optimise HR and get back time for other critical tasks.

HR Analytics and Predictive Insights

HR Analytics and Predictive Insights

Empower your workforce and elevate your business with cutting-edge tools.

Recruit talent effortlessly with AI

Save time spent manually screening CVs and filtering candidates for a first interview using our AI hiring software. Connect with the best candidates who truly match the job description. Thanks to AI support, we've also optimised our talent pool to help fill your positions as quickly as possible. Building your dream team just got a whole lot easier.

Competencies for job roles with Factorial AI

Summarise Roles with Custom Competency Descriptions

Get competency suggestions based on a role, create new descriptions instantly and easily assign them to a position so you can hire the candidate best suited to each job.

Automatically suggest and assign key competencies to roles and levels.
Create precise descriptions for each new competency.
Improve accuracy and consistency in required competencies across roles.
Streamline the entire hiring process using AI recruiting software.

Effortless Document Summaries

Automatically generate summaries of lengthy documents, highlighting key information, insights and findings.

Summarise multi-page documents in comprehensive paragraphs.
Extract relevant information in seconds using AI HR solutions.
Efficiently filter important information from documentation analysis.

Hyper-Automated Reports

Curious about the size of your product team or the gender distribution in your company? Just ask our AI HR software and generate a customised report in seconds with all the information you need.

Enhance decision-making with data-driven insights and increased transparency.
Increase resource efficiency by eliminating the need for data analysis.
Save time and alleviate concerns.

Gain Meaningful Insights

Reduce manual tasks by streamlining your daily operations with AI HR tools, enabling you to dedicate valuable time and resources to unlocking the full potential of your employees.

Transform raw data into actionable insights to fuel better decision-making.
Analyse employee data with just a few clicks.
Generate advanced reports without the need for technical expertise.

Hiring your dream candidate has never been easier

The numbers speak for themselves.

- 30%

cost per hire

+ 14 h/week

of time back usually spent recruiting

+ 35%

faster and more efficient

What's next?

This is just the beginning of our AI HR tools. Here's a sneak peak of the exciting things to come.

Extract information from CVs and automatically tag candidates with skills and competencies.
Optimise your talent pool and find great matches seconds after creating a job opening.
Find the perfect candidates with our semantic search system for job applications.

Unleash the power of Factorial AI

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