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Rooster digitises HR processes, saving them “valuable time and resources” 

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“Before Factorial life at Rooster…it was the Dark Ages,” says James Brooke, Managing Director at Rooster

The London and Bristol-based award-winning integrated communications agency implemented the digital workforce management solution Factorial this year, aiming to revitalise its HR department following its most successful year in its 24-year history.

Following a series of strategic hires, Rooster required an efficient and centralised HR platform to respond to the increasing demands of a workforce that had doubled in size over the past 12 months. 

Speaking to Factorial, Brooke explained: “Following a year of major growth during which we saw our workforce double in size, we were in desperate need of a modern HR system to act as a central point for our policies, booking processes and employee information. As a service-based company, our people are our most valuable asset and so we had to have a system in place that supported them, and Factorial was the perfect fit.” 

Implementing Factorial and adopting a digital-first HR strategy enabled Rooster to provide its constantly expanding workforce with a single source of truth for all HR-related policies, documents and data. 


Brooke continued: “The Factorial system allows us to streamline our processes saving both our HR department and employees valuable time and resources. As a business that sells time, eliminating wastage is critical to maximising profitability and that was one of the key assets Factorial gave us – more time to focus on the needs of our employees.”

But ultimately, it’s their HR department that has felt the greatest impact. Eesha Phakey, Head of HR at Rooster, has felt a notable drop in workload across her team since implementing the user-friendly solution: “As a rapidly expanding business that previously relied on email exchanges to coordinate annual leave requests, manage absences and distribute policy documents, implementing Factorial has dramatically reduced the overwhelming volume of administrative tasks our HR department faces daily. For Rooster, Factorial acts as a single source of truth enabling our HR department to operate efficiently, while also empowering our client service teams to perform their roles seamlessly.

“What’s more, as an HR professional, the ability to generate comprehensive reports on our entire staff has allowed us to support our employees in their growth and career progression, tailoring pathways that align with their aspirations. We can tailor Factorial to our business and employee needs and the agility and flexibility of the Factorial platform is instrumental for both supporting our current staff and attracting the top talent.”

In line with the rate of business expansion, the Factorial platform has enabled Rooster to improve efficiency and productivity for its client-facing teams, ultimately allowing employees to be more readily available to service clients and its own people. 

Emma is a Content Writer with 5 years of Marketing experience. She specialises in HR strategy and modern workplace trends. When she's not writing, she's running by the beach or cooking Italian food.

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