Our History

Bernat, Pau, and Jordi, entrepreneurs by profession and vocation, had trouble finding a solution that would help them improve HR processes, minimise paperwork, and scale with the business.

All the tools available on the market were complicated and did not suit their needs, so they decided to build one themselves. Around 60,000 companies used Factorial in its first two years of existing.

Bernat, Pau, and Jordi measured their success as if it were an online game: by testing engagement.

Realising that their software could change the behavior of organisations and their employees, they decided to turn it into a business, growing and investing capital to solve more and bigger problems.

Factiorial for:


Your employees

  • Simplified and more efficient HR processes
  • Improved company culture
  • Empower employees to manage time tracking, time off requests, internal communications and more

The management team

  • Get information about employee performance to make better decisions and grow your business
  • Save money by automating and digitising HR manual processes

Human Resources

  • Save time and money for your HR department
  • Eliminate human error
  • Focus on what matters most: the employees, not the administrative processes or paperwork

Our Solutions

Don't waste time with tedious HR administrative tasks. Dedicate yourself to what really matters.

Employee time tracking

Track your employees hours and improve productivity

Shift management

Create and manage shifts for employees

Document management with digital signature

Centralise all employee documents 

Time off and absence management

Easily process employee time-off requests

Performance evaluations

Gain insight into employee performance in order to chart a path for the future

Expense management

Track and process your business and employee expenses

Attract talent

Find and recruit talented employees for your business

Internal communications

Create a culture of transparency and trust

And more!

Discover all Factorial's capabilities.

Performance evaluations (duplicate)

Gain insight into employee performance in order to chart a path for the future

Where did our name come from?

Factorial numbers represent values ​​that we at Factorial identify with. In mathematics, the factorial property is a mathematical function that reflects growth in its pure state. It is the superlative of an exponential function. As a business, Factorial supports the growth of companies, employees, and robust corporate cultures.

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