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How Fiduciam Saved Time Using Factorial

"Our onboarding and experience with Factorial have been fantastic. Not only because of the tool but also for the team at Factorial. We found the whole process to be super smooth. Apart from the time we saved, our employees are really enjoying having all of their documents and information in one single place."

Antonio Martín Barceló, CFO & Head of HR at Fiduciam UK

International Expansion of MiiN Korean Cosmetics

"Optimizing Human Resources has been key to our growth and talent management at MiiN. As head of HR, the tool I use the most is Factorial. By unifying the management of remote teams, Factorial not only helps me save time but also makes employees more autonomous. I can truly say that it helps me in absolutely everything that I do."

Juan Antonio Pedraz Araujo, People Operations General Manager at MiiN

How Āticco Manages Employees from 6 Different Locations with Factorial

"We saw that Factorial knew what we needed, and they adapted the product based on our needs"

Thanks to Factorial we've managed to save a lot of time. Each employee has their own portal and has access to their payroll, contract, documents, and a space where they can ask for vacations and view approvals all in the same place.

Irene Vinyals, HR Director

Facilitate Teleworking and Remote Work

“They made our work easier before and they continue to do so now. The software is simple to use and can be customized to your needs. The team view is very useful, letting you quickly see who's going to be absent in the coming weeks so you can make sure you're prepared!”

Alicia Sapena, HR Director at Voicemod

Facilitate Teleworking and Remote Work

“Factorial’s interface is intuitive and simple, so a process that usually takes weeks to implement took just days. Thanks to them we have made our processes more agile, which has improved the productivity of the Human Resources department. The fact of having everything in one place improves the speed of management, while also improving our quality of work.”

Santiago Santamaría, Global Communications Lead at Fever

How Factorial Helped to Optimize CoverWallet's HR Tasks

"With Factorial every employee can access their information at any time"

Today, CoverWallet's managers in Madrid and Valencia have control over the information in their various offices. Both can manage tasks without depending on the other. Being able to centralize all the information in a single place and on the cloud has improved visibility within the organization.

How Crisalix Manages Staff Vacations with Factorial

"We chose Factorial because the program is visual and intuitive"

With Factorial they were able to easily solve the management of vacations and absences, and adapt the system to the local laws. Crisalix also makes use of the document manager, with which they can manage official documents that require an electronic signature, among other things. Patricia Castro, HR Manager

How Séntisis Manages two Different HR Departments

"Factorial makes the administrative part of HR very agile"

With the help of Factorial and its simple and intuitive platform, Séntisis were able to overcome one of their greatest challenges: managing the accounts of their two companies at an administrative and human level.

Estefanía Meima, Head of HR

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