Interview with Stephen Elkins-Jarrett regarding his career in HR

Career in HR

We had the opportunity to speak with HR expert Stephen Elkins-Jarrett regarding his career in HR, and his experience and insights working with HR software systems. Stephen’s career in HR is wide-ranging, as he previously worked as an HR director and manager. Along with working as head of people, training, personal development, coaching, CBT counsellor … Read more

Insights into the importance of HR software- with Lex Verweij

Hr software

We had the opportunity to speak with the HR expert Lex Verweij, who has dedicated his career to the profession of HR. With multiple experiences in the fields of HR Technology, Recruitment, Talent, Development, Reward, Performance, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Lex currently works as the chair of the pro bono committee for the Guild of … Read more

The Most Unusual Yet Highly Effective Tools for Remote Workers

Tools for Remote Workers

Working from home isn’t always easy. Sure, there’s no commute and you’re saving a small fortune without those lunches out– but you may also feel stressed and isolated. We’ve already tackled some of the best home office tools for staying connected, productive, and keeping in touch with colleagues. Here, we’re rounding up some more unusual … Read more

Work Motivation: ways to optimise employee satisfaction and productivity

work motivation

Managing work motivation isn’t always an easy task, especially when employees nowadays are faced with many uncertainties on the world stage. All of this means that HR managers are needing to focus even more attention on employee motivation and how to manage it. After the holidays and in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis this … Read more