Budget Control Spreadsheet For 2020 [Free Download]

budget control

Controlling company expenses can be quite a challenge if you don’t have an adequate structure or well organised processes. However, with this special budget control spreadsheet, you can take note and organise the entire balance of the employee expenses in your company each month.  Budget Control System Budget Control Excel Budget Control Techniques App For … Read more

Top 10 Best Remote Companies To Work For

remote companies

The work world is changing and company’s with a robust digital work environment perform better. According to the UK’s office for National Statistics, 49.2% of adults in employment were working from home, due to the social distancing measures introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s likely that the dramatic rise in remote work will … Read more

Shift management: Remote working vs. reopening the office

shift management

The state of alarm due to COVID-19 started with the closing and confinement of office spaces, through which remote working became heavily imposed. Now companies have initiated workers to return to their offices, and it is the Human Resources department’s job to successfully manage employees’ shifts through shift management measures.  This return to work is … Read more