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Holidays and Absences Software

Quickly and easily manage your employees’ holidays and absences with our HR Software. 

Customised absences

Configure the different types of absences of your company.

Time off Manager

Supervise and approve employee absences.

Team calendar

A calendar with all of the employee absences.

Holiday policies

Create various policies and assign them to your employees.

Time Tracking & Shift Management Software

Record the hours your employees work, improve productivity within your company, and reduce absenteeism with Factorial’s HR software.

Generate Custom Reports

Download a monthly summary report of the total hours worked by all your employees.

Employee Time Tracking

Allow your employees to clock in every time they enter the workplace.

Entrance App

Allow employees to clock in/out by scanning a QR code from their mobile device.


At every moment, know from where your employees are clocking in and out.

HR Reports and Analytics

Generate customised reports based on your company data and make better decisions about your workforce and your business.

Customised reports

Generate as many reports as you need.

Reports panel

Customise your own reports panel.

Organisational chart

Automatically generate your own organisational chart.

Documents Manager

Every company and employee documentation in your document management.
Payslips, contracts, sick leaves, IDs...

Every single personal employee document.

Company documents

Share important business documents with your employees.

Digital Signature

Request the digital signature from one or more employees for any document in an easy, secure and fast way.

Employees signature

Send your employees documents that need to be signed.

100% legal and secure

We meet the strictest security requirements (eIDAS).

Payroll summary

Forget about spending your time recording all the incidents that affect your company’s payroll, Factorial will do this for you.
Supplements, new hires, terminations...

All your payroll incidences up to date and listed in one place.

Incidents summary

Download all the information in excel at any time.

Automatic collection

Forget about writing down all the incidents, Factorial works for you.

Employee Portal

A customised space for every employee from where they can manage all their personal information, documents, holidays and other features.
Holidays and absences software

Allow your employees to manage their holidays and absences.

Personal profile and documents

All the employees personal information and documents.

Events and communication

Your employees always up-to-date on what is happening in your business.

Organisational Chart

Assign different managers to your employees and automatically generate your organisational chart.

Company structure

Know about your company's structure with our organisational chart.

Assign managers

Let your employees report to one or various people.

HR Mobile app

Keep up to date with the activity of your company with the Factorial app, anywhere and anytime.

Clock in and out system

Record the entries and exits of your day instantly.

Leave requests

Allow your employees to manage their holidays and absences.

Team leaves

Visualise the absences of your classmates day by day.

Events and releases

Daily internal events and communications update.

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

Manage your selection processes and get more candidates, through a customisable and centralised employment portal.
Customisable job portal

Create offers, forms, or custom process steps.

Centralised information

All data in the same software, without duplicating information.

User permission settings

Adapt employee permissions and adjust the system to the structure of your company.
Granular control

Customise permissions in detail for the employees you need.

Custom permission groups

Set custom permissions to different groups of employees.

Everything you need to manage human resources

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  • More than 60.000 companies already using Factorial.

An HR software for everyone

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Factorial for HR
Factorial for HR

Focus on your team

Improve the productivity of your Human Resources team.

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Factorial for Business
Factorial for Business

Make better decisions

Optimise your business management and save money.

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Factorial for Employees
Factorial for Employees

An employee portal

Discover all the features of the employee portal.

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