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How Voicemod Has Streamlined With Factorial

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What is Voicemod?

Voicemod’s mission is to provide content players and creators with more entertaining and engaging multimedia experiences across all platforms, and it achieves this with realistic, high-quality voice modulation and fun sound effects, all accessible in real-time to online gamers and content creators through our different products.

‘”Our vision is to provide each participant with real-time multimedia (audio and video) in online communities (games, virtual reality, social networks, etc.) their personalised voices for their digital identities (“Avatars”)”

They currently have products on PC and iOS platforms, and will soon also offer this service for Android.

What problems has your HR department faced since the COVID-19 crisis broke out?

We spoke to Alicia Sapena, Director of Human Resources at Voicemod, who explained how they have adapted to changes since Covid-19.

Alicia says that, like many technology companies, they have faced uncertainty, but Voicemod has a big advantage over other industries; Your work can be done almost entirely remotely!

“Thanks to the growth we’ve had in recent months, we’re learning a lot about how to communicate and coordinate.”

How did Voicemod handle switching to remote?

Prior to the confirmation of the crisis, they had already established an Action Plan offering telework to all colleagues who deemed it appropriate. Thus, they were preparing to purchase the necessary laptops, and other equipment required for their employees to work from home.

“We were forward-looking enough and this helped us that when the State of Alarm was confirmed, we were all ready to telework.”

How has Factorial helped you in this regard?

Voicemod was already accustomed to Factorial software, and therefore knew perfectly their signing system, absence request, calendar information and uploading documents to employee folders.

“It made our job easier before and continues to do so now, it offers us a very easy-to-use platform that meets our needs. In addition, we constantly see new tools being implemented that make it more and more complete.”

Alicia has been using this tool for almost three years, and says she has seen a lot of progression and customer service of great quality!

How has the company lived through the process of being fully digitised?

Both the HR team and the others are still getting used to it. In fact, they are currently facing new challenges; that the teams of the new staff arrive on time, manage onboardings in much more detail, not lose contact with colleagues, know how to detect if any need extra support and how to optimise the number of meetings that are necessary when not working in the same physical space.

They consider it very important to establish correct communication channels so that no one stays hung up.

“We try not to overload ourselves with information or meetings and document everything we do. However, it is difficult to define what to communicate and what is not in this first stage.”

Have you noticed any changes in the productivity of the company since you worked remotely?

In the area of development, Voicemod has a tool that measures productivity, but they ensure that in all other areas carrying this is more difficult. However, they have daily meetings with project managers and this provides a lot of visibility into how things are going.

“Managers and HR staff are more to help and drive than to control. It’s for this reason that we don’t worry too much.  We’ve been creating a very strong culture of trust and the whole team is super committed.”

What Factorial features do you use most right now?

Alicia has no doubt: the absence and time control section.

“It’s very simple to use (through the app much more) and edit if you need to. And group vision is very useful; You can quickly see who’s going to be away in the coming weeks and you can anticipate leaving everything ready!”

For new additions, they also consider that it is helpful to have a fully updated organisation chart. This is so that you can easily get a real idea of the different roles and structure of the company.

Why did you choose Factorial?

Alicia tells us that they chose Factorial because the software centralises all the essentials needed to manage their staff.

In addition, they appreciate that it is so simple and transparent to the user.

“It does not give rise to doubt, which makes the work much easier to the HR area.”

Would you recommend Factorial?

Alicia recommends Factorial for small and medium-sized businesses. She believes it is a good tool for her needs and the number of employees.

“The treatment we have received when we have had any problems or doubts has been great! This is where some HR tools fail. In many of them, the worker himself cannot contact the Support department and they do so through us, lengthening the response time. This is a very positive thing about Factorial, as all our colleagues have received very good service when we have needed it.”

Thank you very much to Alicia and Voicemod for sharing their opinion, knowledge and advice, which will no doubt be helpful to many other HR department leaders.

Do you want to know if Factorial is for you? Want to know if you can solve the challenges your company’s HR department is facing right now?


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