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Bank Holidays 2019 Calendar for England and Wales

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As an HR Manager you surely love to organise yourself and plan things. That is why Factorial is going to tell you all about Bank Holidays 2019 in the UK. To help you plan and manage it all even better this year!

In the UK despite having some general national Holidays, Bank Holidays varies from a country to another. 6 of those Bank Holidays are nationwide, 2 only takes place in England and Wales, 3 in Scotland and 4 in Northern Ireland. So depending from were your offices are located your employees will enjoy a different amount of free days.

But we are here to talk about England and Wales so let’s detail their bank holidays!
As local bank holidays, England and Wales have the Easter Monday and the August Bank Holiday.

England and Wales Bank Holidays for 2019:


  • January 1st, New Year’s Day


  • April 19th, Good Friday
  • April 22nd, Easter Monday


  • May 6th, Early May Bank Holiday (May Day)
  • May 27th, Spring Bank Holiday


  • August 26th, August Bank Holiday


  • December 25th, Christmas Day
  • December 26th, Boxing Day


England and Wales specific Bank Holidays 2019

Easter Monday 2019

Easter Monday is a Public Holidays almost in the whole of Europe. In the UK, Scotland is the only one of the four countries not having it as a bank holiday.
Easter Monday rarely happens on the same day from a year to another since the exact day is being calculated from the paschal full moon, but this year it took place on the 22nd of April. Joined with the Good Friday, Easter Monday form a four-day-long weekend usually spent with family or on a trip.
Through a lot of different traditions you can find: egg rolling competitions; Easter bonnet parades; Morris dancing fairs and many more.

Easter Eggs

August Bank Holiday 2019

In England and Wales the August Bank Holiday takes place the last Monday of August.
Originally the Summer Bank Holiday was created for people to be able to “spend the day playing and attending cricket” which seems legit for the UK. But nowadays it is usually used to spend one last weekend all together in family before the start of the new school year. For lots of English, the August Bank Holiday means the end of the summer season.
For London citizens the August Bank Holiday also mark the end of the three-day-long Notting Hill Carnival.

Notting Hill Carnival London

Why using Factorial instead of a traditional calendar?

At Factorial every year we update our UK Bank Holiday calendar to be up to date with every region public holidays.
By joining Factorial for free, you will have access to an updated calendar without having to worrying about importing the public holidays to your calendar. You will even be able to customize your own company days off!

Sign up now for free on Factorial to start saving time with our smart Bank Holidays Calendar 2019.

Banner Management Days off Bank Holidays 2019

However, if you still want a physical copy of our Bank Holidays 2019 Calendar, you can download it here for free in PDF and start planning everyone holidays in the company!

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