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Employee holiday, absence and leave management software

Streamline the tracking and approval of your employees' time off with Factorial. Empower your workers to manage their own absences, without paperwork or spreadsheets. 

Organise staff leave effortlessly

Take the pain out of staff absence management with a digitised, unified system.

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Streamline time tracking, shifts and time off approval for your employees with Factorial.

Manage time off requests instantly

Automate and centralise your holiday request system with our annual leave management software.

Assign a time off supervisor to each employee to approve or reject time off requests.
Respond to requests with just one click via desktop or mobile app.
Select if your employees can edit their time-off once submitted.

Get full visibility

Gain control over your team's holidays and absences with an automatically updated team calendar. 

Monitor all absence requests and holidays in a single view.
View used and outstanding leave per employee.
Empower your team to review their available days and manage their own time off.
Sync the Factorial holiday calendar with your Google Calendar.

Don't just take our word for it

Hear from one of our 8,000 happy customers about how Factorial has revolutionised their time off management.

Factorial made my life so much easier when it comes to absences. It used to be a manual process with three validation points, but with Factorial the employee just sends a request, and their manager automatically receives an email and can approve it.
Lidia BalañaPeople & Culture Coordinator

Implement policies easily

Create time-off policies and assign them to your employees according to their level and type.

Define the amount of holidays or paid time off that can be accrued or carried over from one year to the next.
Easily calculate paid time off accrual with our leave management system.
Create as many paid and unpaid time off policies as you need (sick leaves, medical appointments, surgery, etc).

Make better business decisions

Factorial’s leave tracking software uses time off data to create custom reports, giving you greater insights into your workforce so you can develop a strategy with confidence.

Create reports and group time-off data per office or team.
Check all your employees' past and incoming leaves in a glance.
Download annual and monthly summaries of your employees' absences.

Manage time off from anywhere

Allow your employees to access our annual leave management system via mobile, so they can request and manage holidays on-the-go.

Empower employees to submit, edit and track the status of their time-off requests.
Receive leave request notifications on the app and via email.
View approved requests in the automatically synchronised team calendar.

All-in-one HR software

Our rota software is just the tip of the iceberg. Manage your team's time, documentation, payroll, performance and more, all from one place with Factorial.

Trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide
Ranked in G2's Top 50 HR Products 2023
Saves 30+ hours usually spent on manual work

What is Absence Management Software? 

Absence management software, also known as a leave management system, is a type of tool or application designed to help organisations effectively track and manage staff leave, including sick leave, holidays, compassionate leave and more. The primary goal of an annual leave management system is to streamline the process of handling employee absences, ensuring accurate record-keeping, compliance with company policies, and efficient workflow for both employees and managers.

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