Shift management for the return to the office

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Assign shifts to one or more employees

Assign shifts for one or more specific days, and mark as "days off" those in which the employee does not have to go to work.

  • Shift planning at one month view
  • Notification of published or modified shifts to employees
  • Possibility of choosing between the 20 most used shifts in the last 4 weeks

Hour Monitoring

As a team manager, you will have full control of the planning and analysis of your employees' shifts:

  • Delete shifts from the same cell
  • Make changes and publish them whenever you want
  • Undo the changes by rejecting the confirmation message
  • Compare planned shifts with actual shifts; do it with every employee

Shift display and transparency

Personalise the shift view for better planning:

  • Filter team shifts
  • Filter shifts by location and office
  • Visualise absences and holidays in another color

This tool offers more transparency! From the platform your employees will be able to see their next shifts, in addition to those already worked.

Detection of conflicts between shifts

Forget about human error and detect workers with two or more overlapping shifts and / or shifts that coincide with an approved absence.

Different error messages:

  • Shift warning already assigned to an employee or on a day
  • Warning of conflicts present in the calendar

Use absence management to improve shift scheduling

View hourly absences on the shift schedule to gain insight into employee availability.

Learn more about our Software for Hourly Absence Management

  • Modify working shifts according to expected absences.
  • Improve the accuracy and visibility of shift scheduling.
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