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Intuitive Shift Management Software to Support Managers

Build rotas from scratch or replicate weekly ones, view shift and absence clashes easily, and notify employees of their schedules - all in a few clicks.

What are the benefits of staff scheduling software

Using a workforce management tool has a tonne of benefits for businesses. 

Enhances efficiency

An employee scheduling solution automates scheduling processes to create schedules without errors, optimising workforce utilisation. 

Improves communication

By optimising people management, these tools boost collaboration among team members, providing real-time updates and reducing conflicts.

Reduces costs

Using an employee scheduling app contributes to cost-effectiveness by helping organisations align staffing levels with demand, preventing overstaffing or understaffing.

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Streamline time tracking, shifts and time off approval for your employees with Factorial.

Assign shifts to your whole team from one place

With our employee scheduling software, managers can notify employees of their work patterns and days off instantly.

Plan schedules with visibility in a one-month calendar view
Assign shifts remotely to individuals, teams, offices or locations
Notify employees of published or modified shifts in real-time
Create each shift plan automatically using your 20 recently used rotas

Build rotas with flexibility

Gain full control over shift planning and make tweaks in seconds.

Delete shifts from the same cell
Make changes and publish them at any time
Undo changes with one click within our shift planning tool
Automatically notify employees when amends are made

What I like most about Factorial is obviously how user-friendly it is for our employees, our team managers and ourselves as administrators.

Sophie Paige, Hospitality (Capterra)

Increase visibility over shifts

Our staff scheduling software allows you to customise your calendar to suit your needs and share it with your team.

Manage shifts in tandem with absences, holidays, scheduled time off, payroll and more
Improve transparency with a centralised calendar the whole team can access
Filter shifts by location, office or employee

Detect conflicting schedules automatically

Minimise the risk of human error by using shift scheduling software that instantly notifies managers of overlapping shifts or absence clashes.

Integrate with our leave management tool to view absences and shifts in one calendar
Be warned when a shift is already assigned to an employee or on a day
Reflect hours worked in payroll

Create schedules on-the-go

Access our employee scheduling app to manage your workforce flexibly from anywhere. 

Manage shifts easily from your mobile
Send employees notifications of changes straight to their phone
Oversee absences, time tracking, expenses, documents and more from the same app

All-in-one software to streamline your HR

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