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Bank Holidays in Scotland 2022 Calendar

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As an HR Manager, you’re probably overwhelmed by the million tasks that await each year. This also means that you’d probably enjoy a way to simplify and streamline your everyday HR processes. Besides being able to organise your schedule better, having a clear view over which days do the Bank Holidays in Scotland fall in 2022, will help you to better manage your employee time-off.

With Factorial’s HR Software, we help you manage your schedule better thanks to a free PDF calendar of the Scottish Bank Holidays 2022.

Manage Holiday Requests

Are you responsible for managing the vacation requests of multiple people, or even multiple teams? If so, we know that the time required to manage this process can cost you a lot of time, energy and most importantly, money! Using an automated system to manage time-off and holiday requests can cost as little as £4 per month/employee. Oftentimes, manually managing these processes, can cost you double, if not more!

If you think that automating your tasks, requires too much initial work, you can download our [Free PDF] for the public holidays Scotland has this 2022.

✔️ Download UK Bank Holidays Calendar 2023

Scotland National Holidays for 2022:


  • January 1st, New Year’s Day
  • January 2nd, New Year Holiday


  • April 2nd, Good Friday


  • May 3rd, Early May Bank Holiday
  • May 31st, Spring Bank Holiday


  • August 2nd, August Bank Holiday


  • November 30th, St.Andrew’s Day


  • December 27th, Christmas Day (substitute day)
  • December 28th, Boxing Day (substitute day)

Bank Holiday Scotland 2022

Second of January

In Scotland, contrary to the rest of the UK, the second of January is a Bank Holiday. Hence, this Bank Holiday allows families to continue celebrating Hogmanay (which is simply another way of calling the celebration of New Year’s Eve in Scotland) for one more day. Usually, people spend this day relaxing with their loved ones and/or recovering from the festivities.


August Bank Holiday

Usually, in the UK, the August Bank Holiday takes place on the last Monday of August. In Scotland, however, it lands on the Monday after the first weekend of August. Originally the Summer Bank Holiday was created so that people could spend their day in leisure. On this day, many people choose to spend it playing and attending cricket matches. Nowadays, it is common for people to spend an extended weekend in the summer season.

Saint Andrew’s Day 2022

Contrary to many Bank Holidays that existed over the decades, Saint Andrew’s Day has only been a public holiday for the last 13 years (since 2007). Saint Andrew’s Day was established as a Public Holiday in order to honour traditional Scottish celebrations.

Associated to Saint Andrew’s Day, lots of Folkloric fests are organised throughout Scotland.


It’s time to Automate your Employee’s Time-off Requests

With your Factorial account, stay up-to-date with the latest Scottish Bank Holidays, all right inside the software. There’s no need to manually upload a calendar to the system. The system updates the calendar automatically, every time a vacation or time-off request is approved. Furthermore, you’ll also have the option to customise the company’s days off!

Check out the 2023 bank holidays UK here. 

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