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Time tracker for remote workers: how can it improve your productivity?

Numerous studies have revealed that productivity has increased when employees work from home. Working in the office can often lead to distractions, interruptions and general office noise. Working remotely, however, means there are normally less interruptions, giving way to less stress. In order for remote workers to be productive as possible, it is important they stay motivated. We can help with our free time tracking software.

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Motivate remote workers

Since the global crisis, many employees have been obliged to work from home. A lot of workers have found that this suits them well and it’s no secret that many employees will prefer to work remotely, whether it’s full time, a few days a week or once every now and then, depending on what their employer agrees to. Therefore, it’s important remote workers keep their employee performance and productivity high if their employers are offering a more flexible work schedule.

Although remote working can increase productivity, for some, it may be hard to stay motivated when you aren’t working around others in your team. Therefore, it’s important to optimise your home office, keeping your work environment ‘professional’ so you don’t become lazy whilst working. If your idea of working from home consists of sitting in bed or in front of the television with your laptop, it is unlikely that you will be very productive. I would recommend starting the day early and getting dressed as you would for the office, this way you will be in the right mindset to accomplish daily tasks.


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Give yourself work breaks

It’s extremely advisable to take adequate breaks from work in order to increase employee productivity, if not, mental well-being and overall work performance can start to suffer. Rest breaks at work are critical in helping employees de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday. Regular work breaks can also help improve overall job satisfaction. If you’re working remotely, it’s a good idea to take your breaks in a different room toyour ‘home office’, or step outside for a breath of fresh air to clear your head!

With Factorial’s free HR software, we offer a time tracker app, which you can use to clock-in and out of work. The time tracker is important for when you take longer breaks at home e.g. for lunch. Normally, it’s not necessary to clock-out of work if you want to take a quick coffee break, the same way as in the office you wouldn’t be expected to do this. Employee time tracking is a great way to monitor hours worked. The feature also acts as a motivation tool for employees as you can see how long it takes to carry out a certain task, how many hours you have worked and monitor your work breaks, which is really important when you are working from home. At the end of the month, your supervisor/ manager can approve the hours workers and make sure all your hours for the month are completed.

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Let your team know when you are free to talk with our Slack integration

Factorial has different integrations within their software such as Slack and google calendar. Slack is a great online communication messaging tool, you can create group chats for different teams, speak to individuals and make phone or video calls. With our time and attendance tracking software, you can clock in and out directly from slack, without wasting time logging into your Factorial account. Slack is extremely useful for remote workers as not only does it keep everyone connected, but you can also see who is online and change your status to ‘lunch break’, for example. This is great for letting your colleagues know it may take you a little longer to reply, helping yourself and your colleagues to manage time better, simply through good communication methods.


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