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Free Template for creating your own Organisation Chart

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organisation chart

Often many businesses need to create an organisation chart to better understand the internal structure of each department. The problem is that making an organisation chart requires a lot of time, design knowledge or a template (usually paid) and is often obsolete as soon as a new worker joins or someone leaves the company.

How to create an organisational chart for your company

To make an organisation chart of your company you need to have very clear the internal structure, departments and all the employees who are part of it. Usually, the Human Resources department is in charge of creating the organisation chart and keeping it updated. But is not always that easy. Our recommendation is to start with a blank paper and listing all the departments that exist in the company. Next step, will be pointing down all the people who lead each department and who they report to. Starting to create the organisation chart from the top positions in the company and then work on the internal hierarchy will be much easier.

The most common data that everyone includes at the organisation chart are the Name (and Surnames) of the person, the position and the department to which this person belongs to. Depending on the distribution of the staff it will be more or less easy to identify the hierarchy and create the functional organisational chart of the company.

If you have already identified all the departments and executives of the business, start adding employees from higher to lower responsibility and their position in the company. It is a task that will take time and you may need to review it several times before finishing the first outline of your organisation chart.

Do you know that you can create your company’s organisation chart automatically and free in a matter of seconds with Factorial Human Resources software?

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Here you have two types of organisation charts that can be useful for you when creating your own.

Example of an horizontal chart

Horizontal layout can help you visualize the flow chart on your computer screen. This would be an example of a horizontal organisation chart.

organisation chart

Example of a vertical chart:

Depending on the size of your business and the format in which you want to create the organisation chart, it may be easier for you to work with a vertical format. Here is an example of vertical organisation chart.

 organisation chart vertical

Example of Org charts for big companies

As your business grows your organisation chart may become complicated. In this image you can see how the chart of companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple or Oracle are structured.

organisation chart facebook, apple, microsoft.

Download Template for Organisation Chart

Download your Org Chart template in PowerPoint or Word.

A Software that creates your company Org chart for free

If you don’t want to waste time editing templates that will be outdated as soon as there is a change in the team, instead you can use a software for creating organisation charts. With Factorial you can create your orgchart in seconds and also completely free.

Factorial is a free Human Resources software for small and medium-sized businesses from 2 to 500 employees that offers employee management tools such as: time off manager, reports and analytics, time tracking, document management for teams and company org charts.

Both the software to create organisation charts and the other features are totally free. Our business model is very simple and allows us to continue offering a quality software for Human Resources managers from SMBs without the need for the company or the workers to assume any cost or monthly payment.

When using Factorial you will automatically have the org chart of your company created and we will be in charge of updating it every time there is a new addition or other change in your staff.

Here’s a very simple example to see how your Organisation chart would look:

organisation chart

Keep in mind that depending on the hierarchy and number of employees on your company, the org chart will be totally different. This type of graphical representation of the company is really useful to know in detail the operation of the different departments. In addition, you can see which employees do not fit within the structure, possible points of conflict and in the case that an employee with people in charge leave the company you can re-assign these people easily so that everything works normally.

If you want to create the organisation chart of your company for free in a matter of minutes, register in Factorial:

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