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Intuitive Applicant Tracking System

Recruit the right talent in record time thanks to recruitment software that personalises the process for each candidate, centralises applicant information, and filters CVs instantly.

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Streamline talent management, performance appraisal, new hire and OKR management with Factorial.

Find top talent instantly

No need to manually sift through CVs and trawl job boards; our applicant tracking software does the hard work for you.

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Manage openings on multiple platforms from one place thanks to integrations with Indeed, LinkedIn and more.
Filter CVs in seconds based on skills and qualifications.
Choose between auto-populated message templates to send to preferred candidates instantly.

Create a personalised experience

With our recruitment software, you can customise the hiring process for each individual, ensuring you stand out to top talent.

Give yourself a competitive edge against other employers with custom-generated careers pages.
Create tailored application forms that speak to each potential hire.
Adapt pipeline steps to your current workflow for seamless integration.

Centralise candidate information

Say goodbye to piles of CVs and personal documents. Instead, store everything within our ATS software and manage the entire employee lifecycle within Factorial.

Save candidate details in a securely encrypted, GDPR-compliant system.
Integrate new hires instantly by switching candidates to employees in a few clicks.
Gain insights with reports based on talent acquisition data.

Stand out from the competition

Boost your employer brand with applicant tracking software that irons out kinks in the hiring process and ensures every applicant leaves with a positive impression of your company.

Ensure all candidates, whether they're disqualified or successful new hires, receive a response to their applications.
Utilise automated email workflows and customisable email templates for prompt responses.
Improve the candidate experience to foster a positive perception of you as an employer and attract future applicants.

All-in-one HR software

Our application tracking system is just the tip of the iceberg. Manage your team's time, holidays, payroll, performance and more, all from one place, with Factorial.

Trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide
Ranked in G2's Top 50 HR Products 2023
Saves 30+ hours usually spent on manual work

Don't just take our word for it

Hear from one of our 8,000 happy customers about how Factorial has revolutionised their recruitment and more.

It is our first point of call in terms of recruitment. There are different documents that different positions require, and I can review them when I need to.
Russ FarnAssociate Director

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With Factorial you can enhance your employee performance by managing the OKR and on/off-boarding of your employees. Find out how!