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Impactful Performance Management Software

Factorial provides deep insights into the performance of your employees through competency tracking, as well as tools for automated evaluations and 360° reviews. That way, you can give objective and accurate feedback to boost the growth of your team.

Performance Management

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Streamline talent management, performance appraisal, new hire and OKR management with Factorial.

Automate the review process

Choose the frequency and leave the rest to us.

Automated cycles request recurring feedback on a monthly, yearly, or customised basis
Email notifications are sent to reviewers automatically
All reviewer feedback is submitted directly through the employee performance review software
Create customisable groups of reviewers (teams, offices, or individuals) and assign supervisors
Send self-reviews alongside 360° reviews for a more insightful overview

Create personalised reviews that resonate

Tailor appraisal questions to each individual so you collect more actionable and personal answers that will drive the development of your team members.

Choose from templated review questions or write your own
Generate appraisal templates instantly using previously used questions in your archive
Widen the scope of your reviews by alternating question formats between short answer, rating, or multiple choice
Select whether or not answers are compulsory and whether submissions are anonymous

Propel performance with data-driven decisions

All responses are centralised within our HR performance management system and integrated with Factorial's Analytics tool, giving you complete visibility over your team and the insights to make better decisions.

Keep reviews on track by viewing the status of each through our performance review software
Adapt to real-time changes thanks to editable questions
Review performance evaluation comments directly from the platform
View employee responses as they come in

Identify competencies to nurture

Confidently spot skills gaps and create tailored improvement plans using our performance management software.

Score employees on competencies you've defined
Visualise strengths and weaknesses on a competency matrix
View shifts in these skills over time to create more impactful performance improvement plans and boost employee growth
Qualify performance and potential using a 9 box grid.

Encourage and monitor training

With our performance management tools, you can identify areas for growth and implement training plans to boost it.

Detect training needs and create an action plan
Set training courses for individual employees and monitor progress as they develop skillsets
Review the efficacy of training courses and make adjustments

Get more out of your 1:1 meetings

Have more meaningful and impactful conversations with your team members with the help of our performance management tools.

Store information

Easily view a record of past meetings.

Review your notes

Add notes and comments about the employee and meeting.

Plan your meetings

Set an agenda to discuss areas for improvement to review during your next chat.

All-in-one HR software

Our employee review software is just the tip of the iceberg. Manage your team's time, holidays, payroll, performance and more, all from one place, with Factorial.

Trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide
Ranked in G2's Top 50 HR Products 2023
Saves 30+ hours usually spent on manual work

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With Factorial you can enhance your performance management by managing the ATS, onboarding/offboarding and OKRs of your employees. Find out how!