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Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Plan the onboarding and offboarding of your employees in a completely personalised, fast and simple way.

Trusted by 60,000+ companies in over 65 countries

Improve your Onboarding and Offboarding process

Guarantee your employees a quality Onboarding and Offboarding process.

Increase the satisfaction of new employees in the company
Prepare employees by integrating them into their role quickly and ensuring a productive start
Gain valuable employee testimonials by offering staff a positive departure from the company

Create better experiences and improve employer branding & image

Reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks and focus on creating better employee experiences.

Create structured task flows and increase the efficiency of how quickly you obtain results
Achieve objectives on time and with ease

Centralise & Automate your Onboarding and Offboarding Processes

Implement an organised and simplified system for your Onboarding and Offboarding processes & manage everything in a personalised way.

Customise your own task flow
Assign the people responsible for completing the tasks
Everyone will be informed about their pending tasks and the scheduled completion date

Centralise your Onboarding and Offboarding Processes

Forget outdated spreadsheets, email chains or even sticky notes.

Facilitate the exchange of responsibilities between employees throughout the Onboarding and Offboarding processes
Guarantee a solid communication flow between the human resources department and other employees

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