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Org Chart Creator

Create a flexible organisational chart with up-to-date employee data to easily visualise your team structure. Increase visibility across your team for better communication and collaboration.

Organisational Chart Maker Features

The easiest organisational chart maker

Quickly, easily and safely upload all your team’s data and get a personalised organisational chart.

Organisational chart creator

Using Factorial's HR software you can create online organisational charts automatically in just few seconds. You only need the name and position of the employees and the org chart creator will do an horizontal organisational chart for your company.

An online org chart always updated

When updating all the data in Factorial, the org chart creator will constantly update the organisational chart of your company. If one or more employees leave the company or if someone joins the team, it will be updated automatically.

Create your own chart with flexibility

Generate an org chart that updates automatically based on real-time employee data.

Make new jobs and assign roles in a few clicks
Automatically reflect promotions and new hires in your diagram
Allow all employees to access the organisation chart builder to improve visibility and clarity over roles
Export to Excel easily and share outside of the platform

Enhance team collaboration and transparency

Our user-friendly organisational chart maker ensures your whole team is clear on individual responsibilities.

Easily understand company hierarchy
Directly access individual profiles through the org chart for greater knowledge of team members
Support cross-team collaboration and avoid silos

100% safe and reliable

Factorial is a HR software used by thousands of companies where the privacy of our users is our main priority. That's why we offer a safe, robust and reliable organisational chart maker ready to use. We understand the importance of your data and we will never share it with any third parties.

All-in-one HR software

Our organisation chart maker is just the tip of the iceberg. Manage your team's time, holidays, payroll, performance and more, all from one place, with Factorial.

Trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide
Ranked in G2's Top 50 HR Products 2023
Saves 30+ hours usually spent on manual work

Get to know all the features available

Improve the management of your business with all the features that Factorial offers you.

HR Reports

HR Reports

Obtain a deeper understanding of employee performance and productivity using HR analytics tools.

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Employee portal

Employee portal

Provide your employees with access to essential documents and enable them to take control of their time, tasks, and performance.

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Internal comms and events

Internal comms and events

Bring your teams together, ensure they stay informed, and foster a sense of unity and community.

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HR AI tools

HR AI tools

Integrate HR AI tools to revolutionise the way you do business.

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Permissions system

Permissions system

Utilise our permissions system to allocate user roles, ensuring complete control and security.

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Document management

Document management

Digitise your documents, securely store them, and centrally manage approvals all in one place.

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