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Measure company and employee goals with OKR Software

Propel employee development and company growth with goal setting software that empowers you to set objectives and track progress.

OKRs and goals

Benefits of OKR Software

Goal management software allows you to assign goals in various formats to support individual development and hit overarching company goals.

Drives continuous improvement

OKR tracking creates a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging regular reviews, reflections, and adjustments to optimise performance.

Improves strategic alignment

This tool aligns day-to-day activities with long-term strategic objectives, ensuring that tasks contribute to your overarching mission. 

Nurtures employee development

Our employee goal setting software allows you to set personalised, quantitative objectives for individuals for stronger OKR management to turbocharge growth. 

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Streamline talent management, performance appraisal, new hire and OKR management with Factorial.

Enable employee success

Our OKR tracking software enables managers to set personalised, actionable goals to turbocharge the development of employees.

Assign customised goals with timeframes to individuals
Adapt objectives to different roles and seniority levels
Integrate with our Performance Management tool to incorporate OKRs in 360 reviews

Promote visibility and transparency

Gain insights into development with progress trackers within our goal management software.

Centralise the goals of your team members and clearly view progress with tags including "progressing", "up to date" and "at risk"
Inform employees of their status and give them control over their growth
Leverage data from our HR Reports & Analytics tool to set more impactful goals that will make a difference

FAQs about OKR Management 

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about employee goal setting software here. 

What is an OKR Software?

Why do I need an OKR Software?

What are the key features and components of an OKR Software?

What are OKR software integrations?

How does OKR software help make better business decisions?

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