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Interview with Paula Mozo – Digital HR

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Interview with Paula Mozo

We had the opportunity to speak with Paula Mozo, Digital HR Generalist from the communications group that makes up Weblogs SL and Social Media SL. These groups offer up information about how human resources are evolving, alongside the present-day shifts that more companies are experiencing in the direction of digital and technological transformation.

For those who are unfamiliar with the company, can you provide them a short introduction?

We are an important communication group, integrated with our own media division, Weblogs SL. They are the main group responsible for digital media, specializing in Spanish. Social Media SL is the content marketing agency that handles integrated audiovisual production.

We are digital natives, independent, experts, and influencers, all with a passion for the topics we publish.

Tell us a little about your daily work

As a small company in the growth phase, from the HR department, we perform the basic functions within the company. Everything from selection and training to being the link between the risk prevention system, all fall within our domain

The labor relations tasks occupy a large part of our day-to-day work. Dealing with the resolution of labor problems, such as hiring, salary policy, incidents with payrolls, and labor disputes are some of the tasks we manage. Among all, we do our best to try and achieve a balanced and healthy work environment.

In addition, we also have an internal training program that takes place every week; its management and organization is also part of our daily duties

For you, what is the importance of personnel management?

For me, the relationship between a company and an employee is crucial. A company must know how to effectively manage their talent and come up with different strategies to make the most of the talent available. The effective management of personnel is required to reach a company’s objectives and to maximize the workforce. This will ultimately have a positive benefit for the company, as long as the needs and interests of the workers are taken into account as well.

What do you think of the confluence between technology and human resources?

The introduction of technology into HR has allowed companies to streamline their human resources management processes. As a result, they have been able to speed up their administrative tasks, manage their employees better, analyze areas of potential in their workforce, and generate personalized action plans for success.

Technology enables the department of human resources to step out of the routine and to be liberated from their often heavy workload. With more time to focus on what really matters, human resources members can concentrate on more strategic tasks and take advantage of artificial intelligence to generate their desired results.

In addition, as time goes on, there are more and more data analysis tools, hence the concept of “People Analytics” is becoming increasingly important in the world of human resources. This idea combines the science and the art of applying Big Data techniques to the area of human resources and is aimed at getting to know our employees better so we can increase their level of satisfaction and productivity. This is all achieved, without losing the goal of maximizing on the profitability of the company

All in all, technology must help the workforce, but shouldn’t be a substitute for skilled labor.

How has the use of Factorial helped you in your work?

Using Factorial has helped us speed up our HR processes. With this system, we have increased our level of organization, and now house all of our employee information in one place. The use of this system allows us to easily access employee information whenever we need it

Factorial HR is a fantastic tool to manage vacations, both for the HR department and the employee. At a glance, you can see, who is working, on vacation, sick, or even who is working from home

In addition, our employees view the tool as professional and easy to use. For the employee, the platform allows them to see their work history all in one place, access their payslips and other documentation, and keep up to date with what’s going on in the company. Employees are able to stay informed with internal communications such as schedule changes, holidays, business events, etc.

Without a doubt, Factorial’s HR software provides a simple solution to streamlining your HR processes. The modern platform, with plenty of functionalities, helps facilitate many of the administrative tasks in the company, which means, long gone are the days of struggling with obsolete systems like excel.


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