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How to Use a Staff Leave Planner to Increase Efficiency in 2022

staff leave planner

Efficient annual leave management is an essential component of any HR department. Staff leave planners enable employees to request, approve and grant time off promptly, without wasting time on repetitive processes. This improves productivity and efficiency throughout the organisation, but it also minimises grievances by promoting a consistent, company-wide approach to managing leave.

But with so many types of leave options and employee contracts, it’s hard to stay updated with compliance, available hours, and back-to-work programs.

In this article, we’ll explore both free and paid options to track annual leave in 2022.

Why Is an Annual Leave Tracker Important?

Leave planning is a vital part of human resource management. It often becomes a problem when there is no dedicated tool to take care of this process. 

A staff leave planner is an effective way to handle employee requests for time off. You can use a simple staff absence planner spreadsheet or leverage the power of an all-in-one HR system to automate every process. Such systems provide a platform for employees to submit their requests, and for managers to approve or deny those requests.

It’s designed to increase efficiency for both staff and managers. For example, instead of receiving several emails from staff members requesting time off, managers can view all requests in one place and respond accordingly. Similarly, staff members no longer need to wait for a reply via email. They can log in and see whether their request has been approved or denied.

On the other hand, if you run a small business, a simple annual leave spreadsheet might be a decent option to track manage leaves before switching to more complex systems.

Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of using both excel spreadsheets and software solutions to manage leave. 

Regardless of which you choose, implementing a leave planner in your business will help you to:

  • Manage absences. See who is off and when so you don’t get caught out with unexpected absences.
  • Manage holiday requests. Have all your team’s holiday requests in one place, making it easy to plan ahead and avoid clashes.
  • Avoid overspending. Keep an eye on staff holiday allowance balances to ensure you’re not spending over budget.
  • Prevent leave abuse. Staff often use their leaves to extend weekends and public holidays or by booking large portions of their annual leaves in advance. Although this is done in good faith, it can be a problem for employers who are unable to meet deadlines. Employees with access to online leave planner software can see how much annual leave they have available and book days off accordingly. They can also view the leave calendar and check whether fellow employees are on a break at any given time so that they can schedule their own time off accordingly.

staff leave planner

How to Introduce a Staff Leave Planner in the Workspace

For some companies, the lack of a leave planner can be catastrophic. It results in an ineffective workforce, especially during peak seasons when most employees are applying for annual leave. As a manager or business owner, you want to keep your team on track and working efficiently. With that in mind, you need a simple way to manage your staff’s leave requests without drowning in paperwork and making mistakes.

Introducing a staff leave planner is the obvious solution to this problem. Not only does it eliminate manual errors and paperwork, but it also enhances transparency across the company. 

But it’s not uncommon for managers to feel insecure about adding a new tool to their team’s workflow. Your team must be aware of how are the procedures for requesting time leaves and noticing unexpected absences.

An effective leave management strategy must cover:


Free Simple Annual Leave Spreadsheet Template

We know that creating an annual leave spreadsheet can be time-consuming and complicated when you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’re providing a free annual leave planner Excel template that you can use as-is or modify to suit your company’s needs in 2022. The spreadsheet includes everything needed to start tracking employee leave, from time off requests to remaining available hours. 

 However, most spreadsheets are not tools for managing large teams. Trying to manage employee requests, compliance, and available time off is tedious and difficult to do accurately.

While an Excel sheet is a good tool for keeping track of your staff’s leave, it will fail to keep up with the needs of a growing business. It could be difficult to manage, especially if you want to give your employees access to reports and team calendars. But then again, you can’t let them have access to all company records in the spreadsheet. 

At Factorial, we provide an all-in-one leave management software to help you manage time off and absence within one place. It’s simpler for employees to request time off, but also for managers to approve them. In addition, by automating this process, the system will count the remaining days available, helping you optimise time and money.

KPIs You Can Track Using an Annual Leave Calendar

A staff leave planner does more than just help you keep track of when your employees will be out of the office. It can also be a powerful tool for improving productivity and measuring performance.

Vacancy Rate

You can track the number of days that your business is operating at less than full capacity. This is usually done by counting the total number of days that a position was vacant and dividing it by 365, and you can quickly implement it on the free excel annual leave template.

Absentee Rate

The absentee rate tells you how many days each employee was absent from work in an average month. This metric is useful because it can help you identify any employees who tend to call in sick more often than others. It can be costly for your company because you have to pay other employees overtime or hire temporary workers to cover their shifts. You can fix this by scheduling regular meetings with your team and giving them a clear picture of their remaining days of vacation or sick leave.

Employee turnover

If you aren’t tracking employee leave, chances are you don’t know the exact date that some of your staff members are planning to quit their jobs. This makes it hard for you to plan ahead and find replacements for valuable team members in advance. By using an annual leave calendar, you can easily spot when someone has too much vacation time left before their contract ends, which may indicate that they want to resign from your company soon.

time off tracker

This post analysed the best leave planner options you can choose according to your company’s needs. Regardless of the method that suits you most, managing employee time off will help you increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace, and will ensure you are compliant with the law.


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