How to Keep Track of Employees’ Time and Attendance [Free Template]

Monitoring employee’s working hours is one of the most basic functions of the human resources department. In this post, we’ll share with you the details of how to keep track of employee hours easily, by using a comprehensive system that makes employee time and attendance tracking simple for you and your company.  If you’ve been … Read more

Factorial Raises £13 MILLION – Spain’s Largest Funding Round of 2020!


Thanks to CRV, Silicon Valley investor in Twitter, Dropbox and Zendesk, our team at Factorial is revolutionising the HR industry worldwide. From everyone at Factorial, we are pleased to announce a successful £16 Million funding round. Thanks to our collaboration with CRV, a prestigious and well respected Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley, we are … Read more

Background Check for Employment – What Employers Need to Know

background check for employment

A background check for employment is a legal investigation to verify the identity, credentials and criminal background of an individual. It is a vital part of the recruitment process as it helps companies ensure they are hiring honest and trustworthy new recruits that can perform the duties of a position. Pre-employment checks can create challenges … Read more

How to Convince Your CEO to Work with HR Solutions

hr software solutions

You’re bogged down. It’s 2020 but you’re still pushing papers like it’s 2005, toggling through spreadsheets to track hours, sending the same documents to employees again and again, or else chasing them around for a signature. HR Obstacles Human resources services are vital to any business’s success and if the human resources department is struggling, … Read more